Cannabis News for Florda
SR Construction Services Homefield Advantage
When you meet someone with a passion for his/her work there is often a compelling personal reason which contributes to success.  So it is with Ryan Seddon, Principle of SR Construction Services, a turnkey vertically-integrated Florida general contractor with multiple statewide licenses offering synergy with clients. As a third-generation... Read more
Dude, Where’s My Job? Employee Protection for Off-Site Marijuana Use Under Florida Law
By Dustin Robinson, Esq. CPA The Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) prohibits employers from discriminating against qualified individuals on the basis of disability, which is defined to include a broad array of impaired conditions. Under the ADA, the employer must provide reasonable accommodations to the disabled employee so that... Read more
Medical Cannabis Just One Facet of Point Lumineux’s Holistic Approach to Health
While medical marijuana and cannabis products are starting to become more popular in the U.S., their healing properties have long been known in Chinese medicine. So it was no surprise when Dr. Sera Balderston, an acupuncturist who follows natural and holistic philosophies, decided to add medical cannabis and CBD... Read more
Current Issue: August 2019
Florida Hemp Council Launches
TALLAHASSEE/FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (July 23, 2019)–The Florida Hemp Council (FLHC) has been formed by represent-atives of industry leaders: Blue Moon Hemp, Blume Hemp, Evello Global, Evio Labs, GenCanna Global, Green Roads, Mission Lago Farms, Natural Life and Veritas Farms. The Florida Hemp Council is a working group of farmers,... Read more
Leading South Florida Commercial Brokerage Launches Full-Service Cannabis Real Estate Division MIAMI (July 18, 2019)–After closing $50 million of cannabis-related retail and industrial transactions within the last 18 months, and with an additional $15 million more slated to close by the end of 2019, Tower Commercial Real Estate (Tower... Read more
Cannabis Spotlight: Robert Friedman
What benefits do you see for patients throughout Florida within this space? I can only speak to the business side of cannabis as it pertains to the patients throughout Florida. As the industry seeks out best practices, better operating procedures and sets higher standards necessary to effectively compete, the... Read more
First USA CBD Expo Set to Occur August 2 to 4 in Miami Beach
At a critical time for a rapidly growing market, thousands of CBD industry leaders will come together from August 2 to August 4, 2019 for the first USA CBD Expo held at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach, Fla. For three days, representatives from top CBD brands... Read more
DocMJ Educational Partner
Anticipates Expedited Approvals for Hemp Extracted CBD Products with Documented Enhanced Bioavailability  As physicians, the quest for evidence-based medicine is ever present. However, medicine is still a blend of science and art and that is particularly true when dealing with medical cannabis advice. The data collection for medicinal efficacy... Read more
Gov. DeSantis Signs Bill to Create Agricultural Hemp Program
Florida will establish an agricultural hemp program under a bill signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis. TALLAHASSEE, FLA. (AP) — Florida will establish an agricultural hemp program under a bill signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis. The Republican governor signed the bill Tuesday. It is hailed as a way to help farmers who have... Read more