In a new partnership with BMH Ventures, IMCO announced the mega-CBD brand as their new vendor.

In their announcement to members they said:

“A number of medical distributors have been selling CBD products since they first became available just a few short years ago, and according to the headline of the HIDA Daily Clips email of August 9, 2019: “One in seven [14% of] Americans say they personally use cannabidiol, or CBD, products, according to a new survey.

They have proliferated since last year’s passage of a federal law legalizing this hemp form of cannabis. Forty percent of those who use CBD products say they do so to manage pain. Other reasons given include managing anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, and migraines.”

Recognizing the need and benefits of adding a line of CBD products for IMCO Members, we began researching the possibilities nearly a year ago. We discovered that not all CBD is created equal and have located a top quality, proven line of products in this category. BMH Ventures’ CBD is processed from organically-grown industrial hemp to bottle, with a chain of custody that ensures its purity. Their 3rd party testing and certification process is thorough; what is on the label is in the bottle. Through this special program, IMCO Members have two distinct labels to choose from: the Physician’s Choice line of professional CBD products not marketed or sold at the retail level, and the familiar Swiss Relief™ items, including their Tincture Oils, Salves, Gel Caps, and Vitamin Gummi Supplements. CBD is a rapidly growing product category, and IMCO Members have a great opportunity to increase sales by selling Physician’s Choice and Swiss Relief™.”

The National Director of Sales for BMH Ventures, Joe Levenson, is thrilled for the opportunity. As a pharmaceutical industry veteran working for over 35 years with leading Pharma brands, he took the leap in May 2019 to move over to the CBD industry, and joined BMH Ventures: “I am a true believer in CBD. It impacted my life personally. It’s my daily routine, and my mission is to share it with everyone. I know the products we produce. I trust the pure form of CBD we have. This is the brand I am willing to bring over to the pharmacy world. Brands physicians can trust.”

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