When you meet someone with a passion for his/her work there is often a compelling personal reason which contributes to success. 

So it is with Ryan Seddon, Principle of SR Construction Services, a turnkey vertically-integrated Florida general contractor with multiple statewide licenses offering synergy with clients. As a third-generation contractor, Seddon initially had little intention of following in the footsteps of his grandfather and dad, but when the ‘bug’ bit him in 1999 he went into the construction field by starting his own company and worked towards obtaining his CGC, PCC, MRSA and MRSR Florida state licenses.

Now, the success of this company’s investment in the cannabis industry construction space is also driven by his personal experience. Witnessing a young family member’s medical and surgical therapy struggles with cerebral palsy as compared to the benefits derived from CBD oils as a treatment, boosts his passion to bring single sourced expertise in cannabis dispensary, agriculture, distribution and lab buildouts backed with SRCS’s invaluable experience in dispensary buildout design and construction statewide.

According to Seddon, a two decades-long, robust network of longstanding relationships across a diverse landscape of disciplines that include the tenant improvement market where their significant experience in the medical/health field creates an awareness of the mutual issues that building for patients require. 

“In addition, SR Construction Services is unique in bringing our knowledge of Florida’s cannabis legal parameters to the design and construction table. For example, as a real estate identification source we are aware that strict zoning requirements result in a finite map of available properties, often in need of major repair. We take a partnership stance and promote transparency in evaluating costs involved to recognize and resolve existing condition issues for available properties. Repairing and rehabbing existing properties typically consumes the majority of construction schedule on individual projects. We make value add decisions – together with our clients/partners- to quickly resolve and rehabilitate properties to ensure the coveted smooth rollout that all existing and future Florida cannabis license holders demand,” he explained.

Many of the current FL state license holders or the new incoming approved license holders may not be up to speed with the unique challenges that construction in Florida presents in connection with the existing conditions, code compliance and construction methods that differ from anywhere else in the country. In addition, Florida has exceedingly strict guidelines designed to avoid any potential for crime, misappropriation or other community watchdog concerns either in perception or reality.

 “There are measures to dot every ‘I’ and cross every ‘T’ and then back again,” he said.

Following the state of Florida’s vertically integrated seed to sale model SRCS seasoned experts provide clients an advantage whether restoring structural defects, assuring compliance with access control or implementing security footprints for the stringent requirements at all retail locations.

“SRCS has hands-on experience executing the needed proactive value engineering, fabrication and building plan including environmental controls,with respect to airborne particulates, temperature, humidity, air flow and working knowledge of compliance and flexibility to accommodate future trends. This is in addition to our standard for quality and safety that is embedded in our execution” Seddon said. 

While speed to market remains a top priority, forays into the market by out of state construction companies unfamiliar with Florida property code and law have also reinforced SR Construction’s insistence on value engineering along with total transparency regarding costs and outcomes. 

Additionally, according to Seddon, in-house experts are putting time and effort into identifying land parcels that meet Florida’s rigid location specifications but also would allow for new construction from ground-up in efforts to exceed speed to market demands with a coveted 30-45 day construction schedule. 

SRCS is not just another small owner-operated organization and is vested in the industry long term. As a state-wide contractor SRCS is scaled to meet the needs of a diverse end-user demographic. Considering SR Construction’s early entry into the Florida cannabis market, they have already established their leadership role in this field. 

“There is no room for a one-and-done mentality here,” Eric Rogers, business development manager for SRCS explained, “We are committed to developing long term business partners and understand our reputation is everything. Bottom line is we build relationships,” he said.

SR Construction Services annually sponsors and participates in fundraisers for non-profit, health-related entities while sharing expertise in the design/build process to provide affordable access to underserved residents in the area. Two of many community recipient partners include FoundCare and Broward House, both non-profit organizations that provide health care and social services for thousands annually regardless of ability to pay. The company has been recognized by several area chambers and organizations for both their professional expertise and civic-minded philanthropic efforts. 

Activists, politicians, business professionals, investors, law enforcement, clinicians and patients engaged in the cannabis industry will no doubt spark further revolutionary changes in the cannabis landscape and SR Construction is already well positioned to be a leading ‘single-source turnkey’ Florida general contractor partner in this exciting growth industry.

For more information, visit www.s-r-construction.com, email Eric@S-R-Construction.com or call (954) 358-3035 ext. 94.