Stephanie Fair
Director of Marketing and Physician Relations, DocMJ

What benefits do you see for patients throughout Florida within this space?

I feel confident that Florida has started to develop incredible programs to not only educate patients on the benefits of this potential medicine, but also lead them in the right direction as far as MMTC products and physicians. DocMJ has started to provide informational sessions throughout the state to ensure patients know the benefits of Medical Cannabis and how they can effectively go about this process. It is so important for patients to have the right to choose as well as find the best option for their situation.

What motivates you to be a part of the Cannabis Industry?

What motivates me the most is the opportunity to be a part of such a revolutionary movement throughout Florida. DocMJ has worked hard to make sure that patients receive the best access they can!

What field are you in within the Cannabis space?

I work with a physician owned Medical Cannabis practice which specializes in the recommendation process throughout the state of Florida. We have worked with over 17,000 qualifying patients throughout Florida and are eager to continue to teach potential patients how to go about this process in the most beneficial way possible.

How can people in Florida benefit from the company you represent?

The process to get your medical cannabis license should be easy and affordable especially if you know what your qualifying condition is. I hear of many patients over paying for this process and it seems that many physicians take advantage of those who are unaware of how to obtain their cards. You want to make sure you find a physician who you trust, who is aware of how the medications affect your specific condition and who also make it simple to receive help throughout the process. DocMJ provides this for many patients and hopes to continue to do so!

How did you get started within the cannabis industry?

Before Medical Cannabis became legal in 2017, I began working with our founder Dr. Michael Bruno on ways that we could help patients access this potential medication as soon as it became legal. I found it hard to ignore the constant issues I was hearing from people within our communities about how their standard methods of treatment have failed them and wanted to do anything I could to help find better ways. We at DocMJ have worked hard to make ways for this to become possible for many patients. We have a dedicated staff who really pushes every day to provide the best service we can.

Are you personally a MJ card holder?

I am not currently a card holder. I have yet to see a physician about my condition but plan to do so very soon. If you are looking to get your card in Florida to access a dispensary legally, you must provide paperwork stating that your condition is qualifying and that you have tried all other forms of treatment in which case nothing has worked for you. Many patients have found that the medications currently available have replaced the traditional medicine prescribed to them and we have personally seen the differences within our practice.

Do you see Florida moving forward with recreational Marijuana/Cannabis and how will that affect your business?

I don’t see any immediate plans for recreational within the cannabis space in Florida but I have noticed many organizations pushing to help patients find the access they deserve! I am sure there are future plans working in which case DocMJ will work hard to continually find ways to help patients throughout the state.