By Carol Newman

The year 2022 was groundbreaking for cannabis entrepreneurs with rapid multi-state expansions and advancements in technology across cultivation, production, and retail design. Insa was no exception. Insa recently expanded their Sunshine State footprint by adding two state-of-the-art medical cannabis dispensaries in Hudson and Orlando. These locations join already open locations in Tampa, Clearwater, and Tallahassee. The company has plans for six more dispensaries in 2023 all with the goal of increasing access to higher quality products and superior in-store experiences for Florida’s medical marijuana patients.

Shopping at dispensaries can feel intimidating, which can pose a challenge for people trying to learn about cannabis. Insa prioritizes patient accessibility and education by focusing on associate and customer service training programs. The company is dedicated to creating a retail experience that is educational and easy to navigate for patients no matter the level of cannabis experience. Insa also takes this level of care and dedication into their cultivation process.

Insa’s cultivation centers have moving walls enabling the flower to hang dry in a temperature, controlled cooling unit – more traditionally common for outdoor growing. From cutting-edge cultivation technology to exclusively grown cultivators, Insa’s flower is crafted with care at every step of the process by passionate and dedicated staff. Each of these steps are indicative of the care that Insa puts into their flower in order to ensure that it is the highest quality medicine available to patients.

The premier offerings do not stop there. Insa’s known in Massachusetts for its award-winning edibles and now Florida medical patients have access to their handcrafted edibles in the form of Drops and chocolates. The company prides itself on creating products that yield an authentic, familiar taste – straying away from artificial flavorings. All Drops are made with the freshest ingredients and real fruit juice, while each chocolate bar is carefully crafted with rich European chocolate.


Insa plans to create similar in-store experiences in their other planned locations of Largo, Jacksonville, Lake Placid, The Villages, and more. To learn more about Insa please visit