Ongoing industry funding challenges driving need for alternative sources of capital, increasing demand for debt financing for the middle market

DENVER, March 30, 2023  — Sweet Leaf Madison Capital (“SLMC” or “Sweet Leaf Madison”), a nationwide provider of tailored debt financing solutions in real estate, equipment and senior secured working capital for the compliant middle-market cannabis industry, today announced the closing of a new $100MM debt facility. A prominent New York-based global institutional special situations asset manager will be providing $100MM of financing, making SLMC one of the best-financed asset-based lenders to small- and medium-sized enterprises in the cannabis industry. Both parties will have an option to evaluate the progress and increase the debt facility to $200MM.

“This infusion of capital is a strong show of confidence in cannabis debt financing, as well as in Sweet Leaf Madison’s approach to working in this highly regulated and fragmented industry,” said Bryan Gordon, Chairman and CEO of SLMC. “The opportunity to help businesses from ‘seed-to-sale’ achieve their potential is what drives everyone at SLMC, and we look forward to working with more companies to fund their growth and the growth of the industry.”

Since 2016, Sweet Leaf Madison and its predecessor have been an industry leader in providing tailored lending solutions to help hundreds of cannabis businesses fund growth opportunities. This recent funding will enable SLMC to further narrow the gap between cannabis businesses and capital needs. Rather than investing in one business or one market, Sweet Leaf Madison spreads its asset-based debt financing across a wide range of cannabis businesses in all medical and adult-use states. This allows SLMC to diversify its investments and to provide non-dilutive financing to cultivators, processors, retail and ancillary cannabis businesses.

Bryant Park Capital LLC (BPC), a FINRA-registered investment bank that provides mergers and acquisitions, debt, equity, and corporate advisory services to its clients in the middle‐market, served as SLMC’s exclusive financial advisor and was integral in this transaction. BPC maintains deep and proprietary relationships across the institutional investor landscape and is very active in compliant cannabis financing.

About Sweet Leaf Madison Capital
Sweet Leaf Madison Capital provides customized, “seed-to-sale,” asset-based lending solutions to the underserved middle-market of the cannabis industry by originating equipment financing, real estate loans, and senior secured term loans. The company is based in Denver and has an office in West Palm Beach, Florida. To learn more, visit Sweet Leaf Madison Capital online or continue the conversation on LinkedIn.

About Bryant Park Capital
Founded in 1991, Bryant Park Capital (BPC) is an investment bank providing mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity, and corporate strategic advisory services to its clients in the middle‐market. Through its client‐driven approach and high‐quality standards, Bryant Park Capital is determined to find thoughtful and tailored solutions. BPC excels in providing M&A advisory and capital raising services for complex deal structures. Visit Bryant Park Capital online for more information.