By Shamaya Chah

In this competitive industry of Hemp products, most new companies are having difficulty separating themselves as different or unique from the thousands of emerging newcomers trying to cash in on the CBD rush. Most of the new companies are white labeling their products to sell and have no input in the development or efficacy of their offerings.

Mayalife, a sister company of Global Advanced Botanicals (GAB) has been innovative in the Hemp industry for more than 5 years. Mayalife has trademarked and created a new product that is not commonly found in the industry. The product is Mayalife Terp Teas!

Teas have been poorly represented in the Hemp industry. The products out there are usually made with spraying a CBD isolate on the tea itself.

Mayalife Terp Teas are made with whole flower hemp and 3 different teas combined with a proprietary blend of terpenes. The tea blends are recommended for different times of the day to enhance your experience and desired outcome based on the terpene profile of each individual blend. Maya life offers the following choices of their Terp Teas:

Arise – perfect for mornings

Arise combines organic lemongrass, organically grown premium hemp and a proprietary blend of organic terpenes that create a refreshing, focused, seize the day attitude. 

Vibe – chillin’ in the afternoon

Vibe combines organic cherry berry hibiscus blend with organically grown premium hemp and a proprietary blend of organic terpenes to create a relaxing and let go of the day “Vibe”.

Dream On – sleepy time 

Dream On combines organic chamomile with organically grown hemp and a proprietary blend of organic terpenes that enhance your nighttime experience to dreamland.

All of the whole hemp flower is tested for potency pre and post brew. Most of the hemp flower sourced is tested at 200mgs or higher(per gram) in total cannabinoids with a dry weight of THC at less than 0.3%.

The post brew tests are done 3 times with the same gram of flower. Each test will steep the tea for 5 minutes in an 8 ounce cup of boiling water. It is then tested for potency. The same test will occur again 2 more times. The outcome of cannabinoids present in each cup of tea is outstanding. The first cup is generally 45-50mgs of CBDA, second cup 40-45 mgs of CBDA and the third cup 35-40mgs of CBDA.

The reason that CBDA is the most present cannabinoid post brew, is that to become activated as CBD, it has to decarboxylate at higher temperatures than boiling water (212*F). Not only are these Terp Teas safe and effective, they are THC free.

Add a little honey and lemon, sit back and relax and above all ENJOY!