Jon Fedele

By Daniel Casciato

Looking for a way to introduce your patients to CBD products?

Since a vast percentage of your patient population has either tried CBD or will try CBD in the future, PūrWell, a medically focused hemp CBD company, wants to makes it easy for your practice to offer quality CBD product recommendations to patients, while bringing you additional revenue. 

PūrWell provides all-natural hemp oil products that promote general health and wellness. Its proprietary custom formulations are designed specifically for the healthcare marketplace. The company recently introduced CannaBox, a zero-risk way for physicians to introduce CBD products into their practice.

“We wanted to create the easiest way for physicians to share the benefits of PūrWell CBD products with their patients and also give them the opportunity to share in the monetary rewards of this booming industry,” says Jon Fedele, Chief Executive Officer of PūrWell. “The CannaBox program brings an additional revenue stream to the physician practice with minimal staff effort to launch and manage.”

Practices that are interested will receive a single box that contains everything needed to successfully launch and manage their CBD business. Contents include a consigned inventory of PūrWell’s best-selling CBD products, a locking acrylic display case, a handheld Point of Sale (POS) device, marketing supplies, and the PūrWell Blueprint for Success training guide. 

“The POS device has advanced software that processes credit card transactions through PūrWell’s merchant services account, eliminating the need for physicians to find a CBD friendly credit card processor,” says Fedele. “The software accounts for all inventory and when stock gets low it automatically notifies PūrWell to send replenishments.”

Physicians will automatically receive commissions for all products sold every 2 weeks directly into their bank accounts. 

This new program can help improve the patient experience, notes Fedele.

“Patients are asking their doctors about CBD,” he says. “They want to know if CBD is safe and if it could possibly help manage symptoms of their conditions. If you can’t recommend a CBD brand you know and trust, those patients could inevitably purchase CBD from places like convenience stores or gas stations, where CBD products are generally of lessor quality or even worse, not safe. We’re giving physicians the opportunity to help their patients choose a safe product that works.”  

Additionally, the physician and staff also have access to PūrWell’s industry leading training and educational materials, videos, and weekly webinars, so they can feel comfortable answering patient questions related to CBD.

What distinguishes PūrWell’s CBD products from others in the cannabis space is that all of its hemp is grown, cultivated and products manufactured in one place, on its farm in Colorado. 

“This ensures consistency in our products, which is a must in the medical field,” says Fedele. “We never use pesticides or harsh chemicals on our plants and all of our products are tested by a 3rd party laboratory. We offer full transparency but having a QR code on each of our products that link to the Certificate of Analysis that corresponds directly to that batch of hemp extract.”

Physicians who are interested in the CannaBox program can learn more at or contact