By Eric Stevens ​​

There were many things discussed and considered in the 2020 legislative session regarding hemp, but finally some of these amendments were added to a larger bill and SB 1876 and HB 1063 that had passed all of their committees became amended into House Bill 921.​​

The main things that changed were the definition of hemp extract, inhaled products are now being allowed for 21+ adults, and GRAS products being exempt. They also removed language regarding products containing less than .3% THC on a dry weight basis. The word packaging was swapped for container too. They also changed all cannabinoids to each marketed cannabinoid. They also approved for new staff and budget. ​​

Some other discussions that were proposed but ultimately did not end up in the final bill included the following. Only having one state advisory group, removing a 12 foot exemption rule, removing requirements for university or certified seeds, adding a measure of uncertainty for THC, disposal rules, reporting rules, removal rules and other considerations about state outsourcing. ​​

In addition to this we saw the new cultivation rules released, inspections begin, and the first hemp food permits given. This year has started off on the right foot for hemp, and despite the uncertainty in regards to all of the recent health scares and events we are very optimistic. We will continue to push for more changes next year and help you know how to best stay compliant this year. Those who are planning and working to get ahead as things get back to normal will have the best opportunities available. ​​

Do your research now. Get prepared and get your food permit now. Get your land prepared now. While you social distance, make sure you sign up as a member at and get on our bi-weekly member calls to learn what all of this could mean for you. We will also be having some special upcoming online video presentations, so stay tuned, stay healthy and stay informed. Join us today.