With grocery stores, hospitals and senior living facilities reporting shortages of hand sanitizer and hand soaps due to continued impact of COVID-19, Royal Labs Natural Cosmetics, Inc., has expanded its production line to accommodate unprecedented demand for sanitizers and soaps in the coming weeks.

“With over 125K sq. ft of manufacturing space and the capability to produce, pack and ship large volumes of finished goods with quick turns, we see this is an opportunity to step up and provide an important service, using the resources and infrastructure that we already have in place.” – Dee Heffernan, VP Sales & Marketing

The formulator and manufacturer behind some of the most trusted brands in the natural wellness sector for the past 35 years, Royal Labs has a reputation for developing high quality skin care and personal care products that are as effective as they are health-conscious.

“We’ve always prioritized integrity and quality in our supply chain and have, over many years, developed relationships with some of the best producers of raw materials in the World. This has allowed us to maintain a consistent end product that is safe and affordable for our customers.” – Paul Lieber, Founder & CEO

Royal Labs is currently shipping online orders for hand washes under its Deep Steep brand, and is taking bulk orders for hand washes and hand sanitizers on a first come, first-serve basis, with priority given to hospitals and government-run establishments.  To place an order, please contact sales@royallabs.com