CannaMD: First Doctors to Certify Medical Marijuana Edibles in Florida

On August 26, the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) uploaded long-awaited production standards for medical marijuana edibles. The next morning, physicians received detailed instructions from the OMMU and within 20 minutes, CannaMD – the fastest growing network of medical marijuana doctors in Florida – had already issued the first medical marijuana edibles certification in the state.

“We couldn’t be more excited to finally make this route of administration available to patients,” CannaMD co-founder, Ryan Scotson, said. “Our board-certified physicians are committed to providing evidence-based medical cannabis treatment to Florida patients, and this is just another opportunity to make this incredible medication available to the patients who truly need it.”

Working with CannaMD physician, Dr. Joey Beyer, Gloria DeGeus was the first Florida patient to receive a medical marijuana edibles certification. DeGeus, who uses medical marijuana to treat PTSD, was thrilled.  

“I don’t think people understand how much medical marijuana helps,” DeGeus said. “It’s real medicine, helping real people. And different routes help in different ways. Having the option to use edibles is huge.”

CannaMD’s certifying physician, Dr. Joey Beyer, agrees:

“The number of peer-reviewed scientific studies supporting the use of medical marijuana is so much larger than people realize. Making this new route available is just another step forward in expanding that literature – providing opportunities for researchers to study, learn, and do what we’re all here to do: Help patients.”

CannaMD currently has 17 locations across Florida. Patients can learn more or schedule an appointment by visiting or calling (855) 420-9170.