March 15, 2022 – CBD Global Sciences, Inc. (OTC: CBDNF) (CSE: CBDN) (Frankfurt:GS3), “CBD Global” or the “Company”), is pleased to announce that it has begun the process to formally change its name from “CBD Global Sciences” to “Global Sciences Inc.”, dropping CBD from its name. It has begun to operate under the trade name “Global Sciences” until full shareholder and regulatory approval of the new name is received.  This move comes with the opportunity to expand the Company’s focus to more than just CBD with recently discovered opportunities that it believes will create value for its shareholders. The name change will not impact the Company’s ability to increase revenues and profitability within the CBD and distribution industries, it will enhance its ability to better define itself as it explores other areas in the field of wellness sciences.  The new website will be rolling out in the next week and can be found at  When approved, the Company’s trading symbol will change accordingly.

Brad Wyatt, CEO of CBD Global Sciences, said, “In the ever-changing industry of CBD the team at Global Sciences has become accustomed to quickly pivoting to provide better value to its customers and shareholders. This change is the beginning of more exciting news that will be presented in the near term. We are still very active in the CBD landscape and presenting wins for our company with lower cost manufacturing and more points of distribution which will translate into increased revenues and improved profitability. We are very excited about 2022 and beyond for our company and its shareholders.”


Global Sciences, Inc., is a hemp-based CBD producer and branding investment vehicle which currently owns multiple brands like the name Aethics™ ( and CANNAOIL (, which include CBD Oil tinctures (liquid products), CBD capsules, CBD topicals, Hydration products and Confectionary products. Global Sciences hemp-derived CBD extracts are sold through select distributors, brick and mortar retailers, and online.

Global Sciences, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, Global Sciences Holdings, Resinosa LLC ( and Legacy Distribution Group (, is delivering quality CBD products both in a retail and e-commerce formats nationwide.  The Direct Store Delivery (DSD) provides distribution services for multiple vendors of CBD infused products and non-CBD products throughout the Colorado and Wyoming territories that are currently servicing over 750 C-store and large box retailers with expansion plans to exceed 5,000 stores in the next 12-24 months.  In addition to Legacy Distribution, it has added a manufacturing division, Resinosa LLC ( ), with its capabilities to provide cGMP manufacturing to the CBD industry with both private label and white label CBD and non-CBD product lines.