Company Developing CBD & Delta 8 Vapes

Orlando, FL, September 19, 2022 — Branded Legacy, Inc. (OTCQB: BLEG), a holding company focused on the commercial development of cannabinoid-infused products from CBD topicals and tinctures to edibles is pleased to announce it has sold through its current inventory of Delta 8 Gummies.

Spikes CBDX has continued to see the influx of sales for its Delta 8 and Delta 8/THC-0 gummies. The Company’s sales have spiked in recent months through customers placing larger reorders on a more consistent basis as well as expansion into North Carolina in brick-and-mortar stores. The Company has sold through its latest inventory of gummies and is forced to run larger quantities to keep up with the demand.

The Company plans to add additional flavors of its gummies as well as expand into disposable vapes soon. They are currently awaiting samples from another publicly traded Company. Spikes CBDX’s customer base is quickly developing confidence in its products which will help to expand at a more rapid pace.

Brandon Spikes, chairman of Branded Legacy, Inc., stated, “We are very pleased with the progress thus far. The Spikes CBDX brand is gaining momentum. The CBD and Delta 8 vapes will be a great move for larger sales among our current customers. We are waiting on samples from another publicly traded Company to potentially work with. As details get ironed out, we will announce the product release as well as the Company we will be working with.”

About Spikes CBDX: Spikes CBDX is a line of CBD products designed to assist athletes perform better, recover faster, and avoid injuries. The Company believes that post workout recovery, with Spikes CBDX products, can lower inflammation, aid in making your body stronger, and help recover from injuries naturally. The CBD line also targets individuals who are looking for pain relief, better sleep, faster recovery and lowering inflammation. Spikes CBDX provides tinctures, lotions, moisturizer, and cryo-gel roll-ons. To view all the Spikes CBDX products please visit:

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