“Sweet Virginia” Grow Continues to Outperform Previous Revenue Numbers

Phoenix, AZ – January 31, 2023 – Today American Green (ERBB:OTC) announced that during the last quarter, revenue increased by 69% over the same period last year.

The Company’s installation of new LED lighting, dehumidifiers, and new grow management techniques have significantly increased production at its “Sweet Virginia” cannabis grow operation.

David G. Gwyther, president of American Green, said, “We are very excited to see a substantial revenue increase in our cannabis numbers from Q2 2022 to Q2 2023. Revenue increased by 69%, despite the fact no harvests were conducted in any of the last four upgraded rooms until December 13.

Revenue from our previous harvests in fully renovated cannabis grow rooms have produced an average of 126% in revenue increases over rooms that had not been upgraded. All 10 grow rooms are now fully renovated, functional, and are growing premium cannabis on a continual harvest cycle. We expect that this quarters’ numbers will roughly double the same period last year.

The increased numbers show that we were correct in making the decision to upgrade Sweet Virginia’s electrical service and grow equipment.”


Sweet Virginia Cultivation Management Revenue
FY 2023 Q2 vs FY 2022 Q2
Fiscal Quarter Gross Revenue*
Q2 FY 2022 (Oct – Dec) $515,259
Q2 FY 2023 (Oct – Dec) $874,522
Increase ($) $359,263
Increase (%) 69.72%
* Q2 2023 revenue numbers are preliminary


About American Green, Inc.

In 2009, American Green, Inc. became America’s second publicly-traded Company in the cannabis sector. American Green, with its more than 50,000 certified beneficial shareholders, is one of the largest (in shareholder count)  in the cannabis sector. American Green’s mission is to lead the cannabis and premium CBD industry. Leveraging our team of professionals in cultivation management, manufacturing, extraction, wholesale, retail, and community outreach, we strive to develop sustainable initiatives in the cannabis-adjacent and CBD industries, laser-focused on adding Company and shareholder value.