Parallel, one of the largest privately-held multi-state cannabis operators in the United States (U.S.), today announced its national partnership with Cannaclusive, the leading organization created to facilitate inclusion for both business owners and consumers in the cannabis industry. As official partners of record, both companies will begin working, effective immediately, on key initiatives to address social equity in cannabis.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the esteemed leaders of Cannaclusive to amplify the pressing need for improved social equity in the cannabis space, as they share our intention to do what we can to bridge the gaps that exist and embrace inclusiveness,” said Kim Napoli, Sr. Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Community at Parallel. “While we have taken early steps along this path as a company, we recognize there is more to do and are partnering with like-minded organizations like Cannaclusive to make advances. We believe that cannabis has the power to improve the well-being of individuals and our collective society, and we are eager to play a role in increasing consumer and business resources for communities that have been historically excluded from the industry and fostering social equity.”

Through this partnership, Parallel and Cannaclusive aim to increase national awareness and conversations around diversity and inclusion and expand the existing network of inclusive organizations for future industry collaborations. Parallel and Cannaclusive will advance these goals by driving consumer education and engagement around cannabis community by amplifying the insights, content and voices of Cannaclusive’s founders through media channels and by spearheading bi-monthly social equity programming that highlights inclusive organizations in panels and webinars.

“At Cannaclusive, we are committed to advocating for underrepresented people in the cannabis industry to get a fair stake locally and nationally,” said Arlene Pitterson, Cannaclusive’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. “Within that space, we know the work is more than just alerting the issue. It’s also working with partners, like Parallel, who have committed to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts outside of cursory conversation. It is about a deeper look at how to affect equity in all levels. We look forward to this partnership and others that we aim to pave the way to tangibly change the course of our industry overall.”

Addressing the lack of diversity within the cannabis industry has been one of the most salient issues of the year. Additionally, there is a nationwide need for both progression and overall education when it comes the general benefits of cannabis. Together, Cannaclusive and Parallel initiatives aim to create a more inclusive, educated and collaborative cannabis sector.  

About Parallel
Parallel is one of the largest privately held, vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis companies in the world with a mission to pioneer well-being and improve the quality of life through cannabinoids.  Parallel owns and operates retail dispensaries in four medical and adult-use markets: Surterra Wellness in Florida and TexasNew England Treatment Access (NETA) in Massachusetts, and The Apothecary Shoppe in Nevada. Parallel also has a license under its Goodblend brand in Pennsylvania for vertically-integrated operations and up to six retail locations, in addition to a medical cannabis research partnership with the University of Pittsburgh. The Company has a diverse portfolio of high quality, proprietary and licensed consumer brands and products including Surterra Wellness, Coral Reefer, and Float.  Parallel operates approximately 50 retail stores nationwide, including cultivation and manufacturing sites across the four states. The Company conducts advanced cannabis science through Molecular Infusions (Mi), a cannabis-based biopharmaceutical company, and conducts R&D for new product development in its facilities in Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, and Budapest, Hungary. Parallel follows rigorous operations and business practices to ensure the quality, safety, consistency and efficacy of its products and is building its business by following strong values and putting the well-being of its customers and employees first. Find more information at, or onInstagram andLinkedIn.