American Green Adds 50% More Shareholders and Plans more Expansion within the Cannabis Industry

April 01, 2022 – American Green, Inc. (OTC:ERBB) announces that Broadridge Financial Services has completed counting American Green’s total number of officially-certified beneficial owners as of March 9, 2022.  According to American Green president David G. Gwyther, “The Broadridge Financial Solutions report confirms there are over 77,000 current beneficial owners of ERBB common shares – a more than 50% increase over the 50,000 owners since the last survey was completed at the end of 2016.”

“It’s great to see that our continual efforts to increase the shareholder value of American Green haven’t gone unnoticed,” continues Mr. Gwyther. “The Company has been taking an aggressive approach to the expansion of its overall business footprint, especially in the cannabis sector, as demonstrated by the company’s recent acquisition, design, and ongoing build-out of American Green’s new 40,000 square foot “Cypress Chill” indoor cannabis grow in downtown Phoenix.  We will continue to seek out and develop new Cannabis and CBD opportunities throughout the United States. We plan to continue growing premium cannabis for our license holders such as Curaleaf (at our “Sweet Virginia” cannabis grow), as well as continue creating high-quality CBD products for the discriminating companies with whom we continue to do our hemp-related business, including  Amazon,  Vendweb, Groupon, and eBay,” concludes Mr. Gwyther.

The Company wishes to note here that the official count includes only those shareholders who don’t object to their names being released to our company.  Those people are referred to as Non-Objecting Beneficial Owners (or NOBO).  Those shareholders who object to their names being disclosed to the company are called Objecting Beneficial Owners (or OBOs) and their count is not included in the announced totals.  In the past, those OBO shareholders have represented approximately 10% of the total, or, in American Green’s case, about 7,000 additional shareholders, compared to the approximately 77,000 shareholders opting to have their information listed as officially certified shareholders of American Green to be included on the NOBO list.

The company that completes the count, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. has relationships with almost all of the brokerage firms in the US and, for decades, has been relied upon by public companies around the world to deliver accurate beneficial shareholder counts, as well as in the delivery of shareholder notices in accordance with SEC rules and regulations. Because Broadridge charges the company a fee based on the number of total shareholders, American Green only hires Broadridge to conduct their shareholder count once every few years.

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About American Green, Inc.

In 2009, American Green, Inc. became America’s second publicly traded company in the cannabis sector. American Green now, with its more than 75,000 certified beneficial shareholders, is one of the largest (in shareholder count) in the cannabis sector.  American Green’s mission is to lead the cannabis and premium CBD industry.Leveraging our team of professionals in cultivation management, manufacturing, extraction, wholesale, retail, and community outreach, we strive to develop sustainably initiatives in the cannabis-adjacent and CBD industries, laser-focused on adding company and shareholder value.