Sannabis’ Holy Essence Purple Rain Terpene Spray, is available in Colombia and expected to be on shelves in the U.S. this Summer.

Cali-Colombia, March 31, 2023 – Ultimate Sports, Inc. (OTC: USPS) (the ‘Company’), a Men’s Health services provider in the U.S that recently acquired Colombian cannabis company, Sannabis S.A.S.(‘Sannabis’), is proud to announce the launch of its new cannabis terpene spray. This spray enhances the nutraceutical value of a user’s daily intake of food and beverages. Currently it is being prescribed by doctors in Colombia as part of their patient’s medicinal cannabis treatment.

Sannabis Terpenes are designed for food and beverage applications to enhance both flavor and therapeutic benefits. The spray is added to provide a unique sensory and therapeutic experience with pharmaceutical health benefits. With the rising popularity of cannabis and its derivatives, consumers are increasingly seeking new and innovative ways to experience the benefits of this versatile plant.

Sannabis’ new terpene spray harnesses the power of cannabis terpenes to create unique and memorable scents and flavors that can be enjoyed in a variety of settings.

“Our team has been working hard to develop a terpene spray that not only tastes great but also delivers the therapeutic benefits of cannabis,” said John Campo, CEO of Ultimate Sports, Inc./Sannabis. “We are thrilled to finally introduce this product to the market and give consumers a new way to experience the magic of cannabis.”

Sannabis Holy Essence Terpene Spray’s first variety is Purple Rain. Click here to see this revolutionary new product.

“Sannabis is also developing a range of scents and flavors that can be used in a variety of applications, such as diffusers, candles, air fresheners, and more. Sannabis Purple Rain is made with high-quality, organic cannabis terpenes and is free from any additives or synthetic ingredients. Our company’s is committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing that ensures our products are not only effective but also environmentally conscious.

Sannabis, and affiliated companies, hold all four cannabis licenses: Seed Use, THC-Cultivation (psychoactive), non-THC (non-psychoactive/Hemp)-Cultivation, and Fabrication/Export. Copies of all 4 licenses available at

Ultimate Sports, Inc. will be applying for a name change with their state of incorporation and will provide regular updates going forward. Sannabis intends to keep the trading symbol USPS.

Ultimate Sports, Inc. will continue developing their Men’s Health Services business and incorporate Sannabis products for Men’s Wellness where appropriate. The Company will be sharing more details on their Men’s Health Initiatives in the very near future. Dr. Martin J. Maassen is the medical director of Medical Therapeutics, Inc.

About Ultimate Sports, Inc.

Ultimate Sports, Inc.’s Men’s Advanced RX Online Medical Clinic provides a licensed physician to diagnose and treat male health and wellness issues, visit On March 15, 2023, Ultimate Sports acquired Sannabis SAS in Colombia. Ultimate Sports is converting their “brick & mortar” clinics to on-line tele-health services. Tele-health services are a growing sector of on-line medical clinics. Although the Company is Pink Current, they will be submitting a new application to OTC Markets Group to update their disclosures to remain Pink Current, and take necessary steps to assure compliance with FINRA SEC Rule 15c-211. As of today, USPS won’t be able to update their disclosures until they submit a new application in the coming days.

About Sannabis S.A.S.

Sannabis S.A.S. is a licensed cannabis company operating in Colombia. They have a line of cosmetic, medical, and industrial products, made from cannabis and hemp. They are now licensed to grow, manufacture, and export cannabis and cannabis derivatives. For more information, visit