By Daniel Casciato

The Cultivar Collection is an artisan brand of small batch, top-shelf cannabis featuring unique genetics that are rich in potency and flavor. Grown and overseen by Trulieve’s Master Growers and its most Senior Cultivators, Cultivar Collection represents the elevation of craft cannabis.

According to Tyler Soreng, Cultivar Collection Brand Manager at Trulieve, the Cultivar family has decades of combined growing experience, much of which comes from before cannabis was mainstream.

“We care about our customers, the plants and the people who grow them,” explains Soreng. “We’re growing craft cannabis in a way that puts the needs of customers and their communities first.”

The genetics are sourced directly from legendary breeders. Trulieve’s dedicated team spends quality time with every plant. All flower in the Cultivar Collection is trimmed and jarred gently by expert hands–never a machine.

“Our rooms are small craft-style setups designed around individual cultivars so each can grow in the perfect environmental setting,” adds Soreng. “All of this, combined with our state-of-the-art LED lighting, allows all flower in the Cultivar Collection to not only achieve its full genetic potential, but thrive.”

Trulieve launched Cultivar Collection in 2020 because it strives to provide the best possible products to its customers. To do this with flower, the company knew it had to define a unique and unrelenting process in the pursuit of quality – one that empowered the men and women behind the plants to achieve this next level.

“It’s our process, and the passion we pour into it, that makes our product extraordinary,” says Soreng. “The greatest art in the world is not celebrated for the paint used, but for the genius and brushstroke of the artist. We’re constantly looking for additional ways to ensure every customer can find the relief they’re looking for.”

Cultivar Collection has a unique focus on the whole picture of beneficial cannabis chemistry. Soreng notes that they look at THC, TAC, terpene levels, and more for every product and every batch. This combined with Trulieve’s extremely high standards helps them to provide a level of consistency in potency and flavor that may not be found elsewhere.

“Cultivar Collection firmly stands behind the idea that wellness through cannabis is a deeply personal journey and are proud to have incredible genetics across indica, sativa, and hybrid cultivars in eighth and 1g pre-roll options,” he explains.

The effects of cannabis vary widely. Some people may feel very relaxed, while other users may report they feel dizzy or confused when trying cannabis. Being educated and gaining personal experience on proper dosing strategies can help limit these side effects.

Here are some descriptions for two of the collection’s best-sellers in Florida:

  • Rae Bae: Rae Bae is a unique indica that was created by crossing Double OG and Sour Diesel. The aroma of this exceptional cross has undertones of earth and spice but presents citrus and the gassy diesel notes known only to sours to your nose immediately. Don’t let the natural structure fool you, Rae Bae hits like a champ. If you have anxiety steer clear, Rae Bae can have very racy effects before the cerebral calmness and deep relaxation sets in.
  • Siberian Peach Cake: Siberian Peach Cake is a uniquely flavorful indica cultivar created from crossing a Black Russian female from Delicious Seeds with pollen from an exceptional Wedding Cake male known as Trophy Wife. As the name suggests, Siberian Peach Cake has rich fruity flavors on both the inhale and exhale that is sweet, cakey, and reminiscent of classic peach rings. While Siberian Peach Cake is an indica it tends to stray to the relaxing side over being an outright sedative. This can make this cultivar a powerful choice for those who look for options to switch their days from rushed to relaxed.

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