By Daniel Casciato

Colorado-based Green Dragon has a simple mission to provide premium products at the most competitive prices, with the best service and lowest operating costs in the cannabis space.

“Green Dragon is one of the most experienced and longest-running operators in the cannabis industry with activities spanning cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and dispensary operations, in both the medical and recreational markets,” says Alex Levine, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer of Green Dragon.

Green Dragon has been around since 2009 in Colorado’s early medical marijuana market. The original company was known for its development of R4, a high-CBD strain that was the genetic parent of the famous strain Charlotte’s Web. 

It offers a variety of different products and brands. The staff constantly tests and curates the best products and are experts at recommending new premium products for consumers to try. 

The company has recently expanded into the Florida marketplace. As one of the few approved Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Licensees in Florida, Green Dragon will be opening cultivation, production and extraction facilities, and medical marijuana dispensaries across the state.

“Growing up in Florida, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the legal cannabis industry when medical cannabis was finally approved in the state,” explains Levine. “We’ve been working to get a license in Florida for some time now, and we were finally able to acquire a license at the end of 2019. Being able to do what I love, in an industry I’m passionate about, in my home state, is a dream come true.”

The company carries a wide variety of cannabis products, including flower, edibles, tinctures, pills and topicals; all of which are produced in-house. All of these products are made in both THC-only, CBD-only and THC+CBD varieties, notes Levine.

“Green Dragon promises every patient a welcoming and non-intimidating cannabis experience in all of our dispensaries,” he says. “We also guarantee the best product selection, highest quality and most competitive prices in Florida. We believe cannabis is way too expensive in the Florida medical market and we can’t wait to be able to bring more affordable medical cannabis to our patients.”

Levine adds that Green Dragon plans to be one of the largest cannabis companies in the state in the next few years, and guarantees that it will have the best prices, products and service. 

“I think we’re going to be able to shake things up a bit in the Florida medical marijuana market,” he says.

In the short term, he says their goals are to wrap up its first big harvest in January and to continue opening dispensaries around the state. 

“We’re in this business for the long-run, unlike many other cannabis companies, and we plan to be one of the biggest dispensaries in Florida,” he says.

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