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By Vanessa Orr When you start a company by first creating products that you give to family and friends, your overreaching goal is to... Green Roads Expanding CBD Offerings into Pet Arena

By Vanessa Orr

When you start a company by first creating products that you give to family and friends, your overreaching goal is to make sure that what you’re providing is not only effective, but safe. And it is this same concern for protecting the customer that has helped Green Roads grow from a small, start-up business begun at a kitchen table into the largest, privately owned CBD company in the U.S. with products in more than 10,000 retail locations nationwide. 

Founded in 2013 by a licensed compound pharmacist and a cannabis entrepreneur, Green Roads’ products, which include topicals, oils and teas, have always set the gold standard for quality control and consumer transparency. And now that same attention to detail and customer safety is being applied to a new product line—CBD for pets.

“Green Roads has always been focused on consumer safety, from children to seniors and now for products designed for our furry friends,” said Danny Perdeck, cofounder and senior vice president of Business Development. “We take a lot pride in the products we create, and that our customers can trust that what it says is in bottle is what’s in the bottle.”

Green Roads was one of the earliest advocates for full-panel, independent lab testing on every batch, and was an early champion of putting QR codes on labels so that ever single package could be scanned for traceability. Customers have successfully used their products for anxiety, pain and sleeping issues, among other conditions, and in 2018, the company was recognized with the Best CBD Product award at the Cannabis Business Awards.

Green Roads’ Innovative Pet Line

Just like humans, other mammals, including dogs and cats, have endocannabinoid systems that can benefit from reaching homeostasis through the use of CBD. 

“We are very excited to be introducing our pet line, which will include oils that we’re developing as well as hard and soft chews, called CBD Baked Bites, that will debut at the Global Pet Expo in February,” said Ericka Basile, vice president of Green Roads’ Pet Division.

A molecular biologist with 20 years in the pet industry, Basile joined Green Roads because of its commitment to consumer safety. 

“Green Roads hit all the right markers because of its top-level standards and because they truly care about animals and not just making money,” said Basile. “I personally treat my pets like my babies and want to give them the safest products I can. 

“There’s no placebo effect on animals; the product either works or it doesn’t,” she added. “I have a German Shepherd who is terrified by thunderstorms and I’ve tried numerous ways to alleviate his fear because I don’t want to medicate him. Within 25 minutes of taking Green Roads’ CBD, he wasn’t hiding behind the couch anymore; he was just chill. I’ve seen it work.”

CBD can help animals get through stressful moments like storms, trips to the vet, and even separation anxiety. “When cats see that carrier come out, it’s not good news,” said Basile, who uses CBD to calm her cat, Athena’s, separation anxiety. She also uses it to treat her older chihuahua’s joint issues.

“When a dog or cat is fearful, it may destroy things, which is how many of them end up at shelters,” said Basile. “Being able to calm their anxiety can actually save their lives.”

CBD products are dosed according to an animal’s weight, and the best thing to do is start slowly. “Just like with humans, you begin with the minimum dosage and increase it until you see a benefit,” said Basile. “But it’s important to realize that every animal has a unique endocannabinoid system, so even though a German Shepherd and a Golden Retriever may be the same weight, they may not react the same way, so they may require different servings.” 

While CBD has been shown anecdotally to help animals, many vets are staying neutral on the subject until more clinical evidence is compiled. “It’s a very hot topic with vets and the community is itching to have real research and white papers,” said Basile. “Unfortunately, that will be a little time coming as studies have just started.”

Just like CBD for humans, there is a QR code on every Green Roads’ pet product so that owners can establish that the product is safe. “When it comes to transparency, Green Roads is an open book,” said Basile.

“Whether for people or pets, consumers should do their due diligence,” added Perdeck. “Learn about the companies, visit websites, read reviews on Facebook. And if you have any questions, you can call our hotline, or ask for our pet division with specific pet questions.”

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