By Daniel Casciato

  1. Can you give our readers an overview of DocMJ?

DocMJ is Florida’s largest and most recognized medical cannabis physician’s practice. We currently operate 25 clinics across the state of Florida, in convenient locations such as Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, Bradenton, Orlando, Tallahassee, the panhandle, and West Palm Beach. Providing recommendations in Florida in 2016, DocMJ physicians have conducted over 250,000 patient evaluations.

In some areas of Florida, you will find a DocMJ medical card evaluation clinic beside leading medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs) such as Trulieve, Fluent, and Surterra.

We’ve expanded our patient services to locations in Ohio and Texas.

  1. What distinguishes your practice from other similar practices that offer patient evaluations for medical marijuana?

Our organization advocates for responsible use and doctor-supervised medical cannabis. Our friendly medical assistants, call-center support team, and experienced physicians advocates for better health and wellness through alternative medicine. We support the right of patients to try safe means to manage debilitating symptoms.

Providing a positive patient experience is what matters most at DocMJ. We know that many people have questions about medical cannabis. First, we help make patients feel informed and confident about their choices so they are able to take control over their health and wellness, making informed decisions. Finally, we assist them to determine if cannabis is a safe choice for their wellness needs.

Our medical providers are compassionate and understanding. They help patients develop a treatment plan to realize their symptom management goals. We know that many patients are concerned about stigmas associated with cannabis. Patients who get their medical health evaluation with DocMJ are genuinely cared for, every step of the way..

DocMJ is committed to helping patients bridge the knowledge gap about doctor-supervised cannabis use. And we help make applying for a Florida medical card a pleasant experience for our patients.

  1. How has your business changed in the past two years?

In the past two years, our business has grown exponentially. We believe this is because of our positive relationships with our patients. DocMJ is more than a “place to get your medical card evaluation.” We are a growing community of patients, providers, and advocates for responsible and safe use. Our growth is primarily due to patients recommending DocMJ to their friends and family.

Patients who receive their health evaluation through DocMJ remain part of our community. We provide informative newsletters and resources monthly.

  1. Tell us about some of the products you are offering and the monthly subscription plan.

One of the most popular DocCBD products is the CALM tincture. It is a full-spectrum cannabidiol liquid supplement that provides 1,800mg of CBD and 600mg of CBG. Each bottle contains sixty (60) doses to help patients with symptoms of anxiety, mood, and other related conditions.

We formulated our CALM tincture with cannabigerol (CBG), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid derived from hemp. Patients using medical cannabis who want to reduce the psychoactive effects of Delta-9 THC may find a CBD+CBG supplement helps. And CBD can help with chronic inflammation and nausea.

Topical cannabidiol creams can be effective for individuals who have localized chronic pain. That includes people living with arthritis and joint inflammation, peripheral or diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and sports injuries.









Our DocCBD PAIN products are available in an easy-to-dispense roll-on container or cream.


DocMJ provides a convenient monthly subscription for patients who want to add cannabidiol topicals and supplements to their wellness plan. The DocCBD subscription plan also provides a significant discount for patients. 

  1. What made you decide to start offering products? How does your product differ from what’s already on the marketplace?

The Food and Drug Administration has issued more than one hundred warning letters to CBD brands since 2015. There are many imposter cannabidiol products that offer little to no wellness benefits for patients.

Our knowledge of medicinal cannabis inspired us to develop DocCBD. We understood that it could be challenging to identify a high-quality CBD supplement or topical for pain relief. DocMJ worked to develop an exclusive private label of wellness supplements, including a tincture and topicals.

Every DocCBD product has a certificate of laboratory analysis (COA). Our oral cannabidiol supplements are formulated for maximum bioavailability. That means more of the wellness benefits of cannabinoids survive the digestive tract. Visit our website to learn more about DocCBD.

  1. What are some of your practice’s short and long-term goals?

We want to differentiate ourselves by continuing to provide caring support for patients and affordable services. At DocMJ, our patients matter to us. And the care and support they receive are unparalleled compared to other medical cannabis provider service options.

At the end of the day, it is about making a positive difference in the lives of patients. We want to remain an important part of helping every patient restore their quality of life and effective symptom management.

  1. Is there anything I haven’t asked you that you believe is essential for our readers to know?

We are pleased to announce a new initiative for our patients. DocMJ will launch a community forum in January 2023 to allow patients to connect online with their local community.

Patients can register and chat live with other patients and our team at DocMJ. When you suffer from debilitating symptoms, it is nice to be able to have conversations with other patients—people who may be living with the same challenges.

We will also share news and wellness blogs through our new community portal. Access to the DocMJ community hub will provide free support to answer questions about medical cannabis.

Our goal is to continue to provide accurate, helpful, and affordable resources for our patients. We are proud of the compassionate wellness community we have built in Florida. And look forward to our expansion into other states.