By Daniel Casciato

Trulieve, an industry leader in cannabis, is releasing exciting new products from their Momenta product line in early 2023. With a variety of dosage levels and easy-to-use packaging solutions, Momenta is quickly becoming the go-to option for those seeking an effective and accessible form of medical marijuana.

“Momenta was created for those who are forward-thinking and committed to doing best by their mind, body, and spirit,” says Andrew Burke, Trulieve’s Momenta Brand Manager. “Trulieve’s line of Momenta products empower patient’s holistic wellness journeys with full-spectrum relief and benefits for any time of the day or night.”

Currently available in Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts and West Virginia Trulieve locations, Momenta empowers patients to enhance their everyday wellness routines through cannabis.




Products included in the Momenta line include:

  • Momenta RSO Tincture provides patients with activated whole-plant medicine and full-spectrum relief in an easy-to-dose form that works fast and for prolonged periods. RSO Tinctures are ideal for patients who may be new to cannabis, patients who need a controlled dosage, or those who need a convenient form to dose their medicine. They come in varieties of Indica, Hybrid, and Sativa options and flavors that can easily be incorporated into a patient’s cannabis wellness journey.
  • Momenta Capsules provide cannabis relief in a swallowable form. Patients may find capsules more convenient than other forms of cannabis. Momenta capsules are easy-to-dose and offer powerful, long-lasting relief for those both new and familiar with cannabis. Coming to Florida in early 2023!
  • Momenta Topical Lotions and Gels allow you to specifically target painful areas while avoiding the euphoric side effects produced with other cannabis medicines. Coming to Florida in 2023!
  • Momenta RSO is full extract cannabis oil (FECO), preserving the plant’s cannabinoids and terpenes, providing whole-plant benefits. This method of extraction retains most of the cannabis plant’s natural properties. We are proud to offer RSO to help meet the needs of those seeking the full entourage effect of strain-specific cannabis medicines. Conveniently used as an oral application or dosed on your favorite snack, RSO can offer powerful and long-lasting relief when needed most. Coming to Florida in 2023!

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