Cannabis News for Florda
Loyalty Programs Key to Retaining Customers, Boosting Profits
By Vanessa Orr One of the best ways to stay in business is by establishing a loyal customer base—and one of the smartest ways to do this is by creating a loyalty program that recognizes and rewards customers for their repeat business.     “Everybody understands loyalty and rewards programs; they... Read more
One Plant’s Dr. Matt Discusses the Importance of Medical Directors for MMTCs
By Daniel Casciato One Plant, a medical marijuana treatment center (MMTC), has a simple focus—to provide the best possible quality product to its customers.  That’s part of the reason why it has a Medical Director. Matt Ferenc, D.O., FACOEP, or Dr. Matt as people fondly call him, joined the... Read more
Ode to the Cannabis Sisterhood
By Angie Willoughby My new and educated cannabis use has changed so many aspects of my life: one of those aspects was finding my joy through community. Talking to my tribe today on more than one occasion within that day, I found myself having conversations around the word JOY.... Read more
Curaleaf: Committed to Being the Cannabis Industry’s Leading Resource in Education and Advancement
By Daniel Casciato Curaleaf is a leading U.S. provider of consumer products in cannabis known for quality, expertise and reliability. Today, it serves over 350K+ registered patients and currently operates in 23 states with 102 dispensaries and over 3,700 team members across the country.  As a vertically integrated multi-state... Read more
Cannabis and Cancer
By Michael J. McKenzie, MD The discussion of cannabis and its use in cancer patients is a timely hot button issue.  First, we must specifically define what Cannabis is: The Cannabis plant can represent any combination/ratio of Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids, administered via different delivery methods, the purpose of... Read more
How Hemp Is Now Taking Root in the Cannabis Industry
A discussion with cannabis advocate Bruce Linton By Daniel Casciato For Bruce Linton, founder and former chief executive officer of one the largest cannabis companies in the world, Canopy Growth Corp, Florida has emerged as an interesting market for the cannabis industry in the East Coast because of its... Read more
Homecoming: Cannabis Executive Looks Forward to Becoming Significant Contributor in Home State
By Daniel Casciato Colorado-based Green Dragon has a simple mission to provide premium products at the most competitive prices, with the best service and lowest operating costs in the cannabis space. “Green Dragon is one of the most experienced and longest-running operators in the cannabis industry with activities spanning... Read more
Follow Your Mom’s Advice and Eat Your Greens!
By Angie Willoughby As children we were always admonished by our parental figures to eat our greens so we could grow up to be big and strong. With the growing popularity of cannabis infused edibles that statement now gives a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘eating your greens.’ I started... Read more
Cannabis Spotlight: Christopher Peppe, Lead Community Outreach Specialist, Liberty Health Sciences
What benefits do you see for patients throughout Florida within this space? I feel that the freedom of having your medical marijuana card in Florida is like having the master key. Once a patient has their card, they have the freedom to tackle any aliment they may have. With the... Read more
Florida’s 2020 Hemp Bills Are Moving
By Eric Stevens Florida’s 60 day legislative session comes to and end on March 13th and we are seeing the hemp bills in the senate and house flying through their last committees and heading to the floor for a vote before then. The Senate Bill is Number 1876 and... Read more