Cannabis News for Florda
First Annual American College of CBD & Cannabis Congress Designed to Enhance Physicians’ Knowledge
By Vanessa Orr Every day, people are going into their doctors’ offices and asking about medical cannabis and CBD. Finding answers, however, isn’t so easy.  “Medical cannabis is a growing, $5 billion industry, and nationally, CBD is already a $2 billion industry, yet there are no CBD-focused medical societies... Read more
SOL Global’s 3 Boys Farm, Sees Substantial Growth in Sales and Operations in Florida via its Newly Implemented and Highly Efficient Home Delivery Model
SOL Global Investments Corp. (“SOL Global” or the “Company“) (CSE: SOL) (OTCPK: SOLCF) (Frankfurt: 9SB) is pleased to announce that 3 Boys Farms, LLC (“3 Boys Farm“), which owns and operates one of the original fourteen (14) medical marijuana treatment center licenses in Florida, will now operate under the business name... Read more
Current Issue: November 2019
Founders of Esperanza Essentials Launch New Full Spectrum CBD Product
Jose and Danielle Belen, founders of Esperanza Essentials, a combat veteran owned and operated business, at their Pompano Beach kick-off event. Esperanza Essentials is a full spectrum CBD product available now. Jose is also the founder and President of Mission Zero, an organization dedicated to ending veteran suicide. Read more
Cynthia Brewer Named Vice President Florida of Kaycha Labs
Cynthia Brewer has been with Kaycha Group for two years as Sales Director, where she has shown exemplary performance, as shown in annual sales and customer retention reports. In addition, Brewer has shown initiative in the performance of her duties, going above and beyond, in order to ensure that... Read more
What You Missed Over the Past Month in Hemp
By Eric Stevens What a past month and week it has been for Hemp in Florida. The state had 3 different meetings in Tallahassee just last week on Hemp as the legislature held its first Committee week of the year. We heard about all of the great research work... Read more
“Amazon” John Easterling: Helping Patients Overcome Cancer Related Challenges with Home-Grown Cannabis
By Daniel Casciato “Amazon” John Easterling, founder of Happy Tree Microbes, spent over two decades in and out of the Amazon rainforest planting medicine. He researched and brought to market a variety of Amazonian medicinal and therapeutic plants after formulating them in America using advanced technological methods. As a... Read more
Cannabis Spotlight: Michael J. Liss, Esq. Integrity Counsel, P.A.
What benefits do you see for patients throughout Florida within this space? Patients are able to find natural healing, better mind/body connections, community, employment and educational opportunities pertaining to something about which they are passionate and peace of mind that they will not be prosecuted for using nature’s healing... Read more
UK Company Creates Alternative to Cannabis Oil Vapes; Establishes Office in South Florida
By Daniel Casciato As a UK-based company, Liberty Herbal Technologies would like to reduce the risk for cannabis inhalation, more precise, simpler and sustainable for all patients and consumers of cannabis. That’s why the company created hapac®, a unique dry-vaping system that consists of ready to use filter-paper packs... Read more
MorseLife Receives Approval to Offer CBD Therapies for Elder Care
By Daniel Casciato Across the country, medical marijuana has become accepted as a treatment alternative in several different nursing homes for residents who have chronic conditions. If a current pilot program goes well, Florida could soon make cannabis available to statewide nursing homes as well.  Earlier this year, MorseLife... Read more