Cannabis News for Florda
Physician Advocate, Education Key to Helping Patients Gain Access to Medical Cannabis
Though medical cannabis has been legal in Florida for more than 1-1/2 years, there is still much confusion—as well as concern—about who qualifies to be a patient, and the legislative hurdles that a person has to overcome in order to find relief from various conditions. Still, the good news... Read more
Cultivating Insurance Solutions for Cannabis Companies
For Jessica Hoehn, medical marijuana liability insurance is not just another business expense—it has become a necessity. “Whether you are a medical marijuana physician, clinic, or dispensary, the potential legal costs of uninsured suits are astronomical and could have disastrous consequences on someone’s practice,” says Hoehn, an insurance agent... Read more
Cannabis Spotlight: Stephanie Fair
Stephanie Fair Director of Marketing and Physician Relations, DocMJ What benefits do you see for patients throughout Florida within this space? I feel confident that Florida has started to develop incredible programs to not only educate patients on the benefits of this potential medicine, but also lead them in... Read more
VidaCann: A Personal Passion for Organic Cannabis Cultivation
As a Jacksonville-based cannabis company, VidaCann is owned and operated by lifelong Floridians who pride themselves on being a family company putting the patients of Florida first. “VidaCann has a long history of professional greenhouse growing in Florida and has partnered with some of the best cannabis growers in... Read more
Investors Getting in on the Green July 2018 Rush. How and Why?
Feature by Tom Quigley Did you know that the legal cannabis industry is currently 9 billion dollars and expected to grow to over 24 billion in the next few years? There are over 30 states which have medical cannabis businesses, 9 with adult use and additional state legalization on... Read more
What You Should Know Before Dabbing Into the Risks of Marijuana-Related Mergers and Acquisitions
As public support grows for the legalization of marijuana in the U.S. and Canada, mergers and acquisitions lawyers should be studying up now on the ins and outs of cannabis compliance. In the U.S., there are 29 states, the District of Columbia, and the territories of Guam and Puerto... Read more
Helping Patients Make Alternative Health Recommendations
By Daniel Casciato As corporate consultants, medical consultants, and more recently, as the founders of a company providing diagnostic testing services to physician offices in South Florida, Stephanie Curran and her fiancé saw several problems within the medical industry. “It was disheartening to see that today’s physicians have to... Read more
Weekly Update From DOH Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU)
The Florida Department of Health’s (DOH) top priority is the health and safety of Florida’s families and are dedicated to ensuring patients have safe access to low-THC cannabis and medical marijuana. Through the DOH Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU), we are working diligently every day to implement the... Read more
International Cannabis Developments
By Michael Berger Recently, the Canadian government and the 10 provinces agreed on a deal on how to split a proposed federal tax on the sales of marijuana once the drug is legalized. Finance Minister Bill Morneau told reporters that for an initial two years, 75% of the revenue... Read more
Florida for Care
We’re making progress and the pace is quickening. In January of 2017, Florida had less than 1,500 registered medical marijuana patients. Two weeks after the enacting legislation passed in June, there were almost 20,000 registered patients. Now, 60,000 patients have access. Help us keep the progress going and make... Read more