KEY Investment Partners’ “Cannabis 2.0: Investing in Today’s Regulated Industry” sheds light on current industry trends and opportunities

DENVER, October 24, 2022  — A new white paper from KEY Investment Partners analyzes the rapid expansion of the U.S. cannabis market over the past several years, and provides insights into why the firm and its partners believe the industry offers some of the most attractive investment opportunities in a generation. The full white paper, “Cannabis 2.0: Investing in Today’s Regulated Industry,” is available for free download here.

“Two-thirds of Americans now have legal access to cannabis, and although there are still some political obstacles it now seems more inevitable than ever that federal cannabis reform is only a matter of time,” said Tiby Erdely, a founding partner at KEY Investment Partners. “The acceptance and adoption of cannabis has reached a tipping point, and the industry is maturing to appeal to a broader section of the population. We believe this and other factors all contribute to a continued positive future for investments in the cannabis space.”

The white paper identifies the characteristics of the U.S. cannabis market and the unique advantages of investment in U.S. cannabis companies as compared to other alternative investments. The analysis from KEY Investment Partners concludes that given the projected growth of the cannabis industry, the existing large funding gap in the cannabis market and the apparent inevitability of federal legalization, investors in cannabis businesses today will have the opportunity to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns compared to other asset classes.

To learn more about investing in the cannabis industry, download the full white paper “Cannabis 2.0: Investing in Today’s Regulated Industry.”

About KEY Investment Partners
Founded in 2018, KEY Investment Partners combines a systematic approach to sourcing deals and rigorous due diligence, with the goal of connecting investors to the most attractive cannabis opportunities. Leveraging decades of combined institutional experience, KEY sources unique opportunities in high-growth, market-leading cannabis companies which are operated by exceptional management teams. The firm uses time-tested methods to provide institutional quality investment management and client service to those looking to capitalize on the rapid growth of the U.S. cannabis market.

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