Export to U.K. Will Help Children With Refractory Epilepsy
BOL Pharma (“BOL” or the “Company”), Israel’s leading medical cannabis company, is proud to announce that the Company’s first shipment of medical cannabis arrived in the U.K., reflecting a significant breakthrough for the Israeli cannabis industry and the Israeli economy. The shipment marks a first of its kind collaboration between BOL Pharma and medical centers that specialize in treating chidren with epilepsy and autism in the U.K.
BOL Pharma manufactures medical cannabis products under strict EU-GMP conditions, has entered the global market for the first time. BOL Pharma is the only Israeli company to comply with international regulations and the first to obtain approval for exporting medical cannabis products. The company intends to expand its shipments and supply its unique products to further destinations while providing solutions for unmet medical needs. The current shipment follows the change led by the Israeli government in its resolution dated 27 January 2019, promoted by the Israeli Ministry of Health and the Medical Cannabis Unit. The resolution enables BOL Pharma to operate as a leading exporter of cannabis and its derivatives. Being the largest cannabis supplier in Israel, the company will continue to prioritize ongoing and continuous supplies to patients in Israel.
Dr. Tamir Gedo, BOL Pharma CEO, commented, “This shipment is the culmination of years of work and is a true breakthrough for the Israeli medical cannabis market. The Israeli canabis market enjoys real competitive advantages compared to other countries attempting to enter the cannabis market globally. These are high-quality, pharma grade products, and a climate that drives low-cost operations. Israel is at the forefront of the life science industry throughout western world in terms of regulation, research and product development. Only a select number of countries that comply with those strict medical criteria can export and trade cannabis globally.”

Hagai Hillman, BOL Pharma’s founder, stated, “Improving patient quality of life is our vision. We are proud to continue innovating by introducing life changing treatments in the field of medical cannabis in Israel and now, for the first time, expanding globally. BOL Pharma is currently conducting advanced clinical studies for various indications, including palliative care, oncology, orthopedics, neurology, gynecology, and autism. The studies aim to introduce cannabinoid-based medication to the market. The company’s current product offering helps tens of thousands of Israeli patients, in many cases providing the only solution for improving the lives of severely ill children. Our exports will benefit children and severely ill patients worldwide.”
About BOL Pharma
BOL Pharma has been involved in researching and developing cannabis-based pharmaceuticals for 13 years. BOL Pharma is the largest company in its field in Israel and the only one to handle all stages of growth and Manufacturing, ensuring compliance with the strictest standards set by the Israeli Ministry of Health and international regulatory bodies.
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