September 13, 2023 — urban-gro, Inc. (Nasdaq: UGRO) (“urban-gro” or the “Company”), an integrated professional services consulting firm, today announced that the Company signed more than $3 million of contracts spread across four clients in the cannabis sector. Collectively, the contracts include architecture and design, engineering, and equipment integration services for clients in the Northeastern United States, Midwestern United States, and Western Europe. The Company anticipates that the revenue for these projects will be predominantly recognized over the next three quarters.

Bradley Nattrass, Chairman and CEO, commented, “We’re pleased to see positive developments with our cannabis sector initiatives, and moreover, continuing to the next project stage with two existing clients that had paused their projects at the beginning of the year. In addition, I am excited we signed this initial stage design contract on a new client’s cannabis project in Western Europe, one that our Netherlands-based team anticipates will progress to additional engagements.”

About urban-gro, Inc.
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