10,000 Square Foot Warehouse to Supply the Established Cannabis Seed Distribution Company’s New Boutique Grow Division

MIAMI, July 26, 2023  — Symple Seeds, a cannabis seed shipping and logistics company with over a decade in the industry, is opening a new fulfillment center in South Florida. Now, the longtime leader in the cannabis seed distribution industry can freely and more effectively distribute American-produced cannabis seeds within the United States.

As the largest cannabis seed logistics and shipping company in the world, Symple Seeds regularly dispatches over 400,000 orders every year. The company has been a major player in the U.S. cannabis seed industry for the past 11 years, connecting large European cannabis seed brands and distributors such as I Love Growing Marijuana and SeedSupreme with American home growers. Now, the powerhouse cannabis seed shipping and logistics company is expanding.

“It’s been an incredible privilege to work with so many of these well-respected, long-standing European seed banks,” said Sarah Carter, Symple Seeds PR Director. “We are so thankful for the trust they have placed in us and will long have pride in our role in bringing their brands into the American market. Now, we are beyond excited to be able to focus on our true passion of helping the long-suffering U.S.-based brands grow with our Boutique Grow Division.”

Symple Seeds is launching its Boutique Grow Division in response to shifting customer preferences; American consumers are increasingly interested in novel and carefully curated strains from the East and West Coasts of the U.S. To continue supplying consumers with the cannabis seeds they seek, Symple Seeds has begun building infrastructure to help American growers, brands, and cannabis geneticists to distribute their seeds across all 50 states- escaping the heavy regulatory and financial burden of confining sales of a brand to a single regulated state. These processes and facilities, including the distribution center in South Florida, will allow U.S. cannabis companies to enlarge their market footprint and gain national notoriety.

Symple Seeds is now accepting new clients for distribution from their east coast warehouse, as well as applications to be featured on their upcoming Homegrow Marketplace website. Connect with Symple Seeds here on their website for more information about their products and comprehensive support services.