Leading Medical Cannabis Expert Nicholas Bottaro, D.O. Joins Leading Health and Wellness Cannabis Company

ATLANTA, GA – June 13, 2019 – Surterra Wellness (Surterra), one of the nation’s fastest growing health and wellness companies, has appointed Nicholas Bottaro, D.O., M.B.A., M.P.H., a leading medical cannabis physician, as the company’s Medical Director. In this role, Dr. Bottaro brings an experienced perspective to Surterra, which includes work in scientific and clinical applications of cannabis, integrating guidelines and protocols in newly approved medical cannabis states, cannabis product research and development, and education of multiple stakeholders.

As a doctor of osteopathic medicine and passionate patient advocate, Dr. Bottaro supports a holistic and compassionate approach to his patients’ health and wellness. Dedicating much of his practice to education on the safety, effectiveness, and diverse applications of medical cannabis, he has provided thousands of patients in Florida with cannabis assessments. Dr. Bottaro also has conducted groundbreaking research on the efficacy of cannabinoid-based treatment and its beneficial outcomes with multiple publications pending.

“We are truly pleased to welcome Dr. Bottaro as our Medical Director, as he is recognized as a prominent and accomplished physician,” said Surterra Chairman and CEO William “Beau” Wrigley. “Dr. Bottaro not only has extensive clinical experience with medical cannabis, he also shares Surterra’s intention to help patients, both in Florida and across the country, find their best personal path to wellness.”

In his role as Surterra’s Medical Director, Dr. Bottaro will provide counsel across the company’s research and development team and other departments, guide access to the most robust clinical studies and references, and help educate Surterra’s Wellness Center associates. While his value inside the company will be significant, his role as an active clinical physician and cannabis provider empowers his ability to increase awareness of the benefits of cannabis products within the medical community and with consumers.

“I’m thrilled to join Surterra as Medical Director and it is a privilege to help expand awareness and appreciation for the health and wellness benefits of cannabis. As a clinical physician who has treated thousands of patients during my career, I’ve seen first-hand the benefits of cannabis and positive impact on the quality of life for individuals who struggled on their prescriptions,” said Dr. Bottaro. “I chose to work exclusively with Surterra because the company stands apart in the cannabis industry, and our values are aligned in advocacy and developing the highest-quality cannabis products designed to provide a variety of benefits to consumers and patients. I am passionate about advancing education, R&D, and clinical perspectives in understanding the potential of cannabis, which could promise to be an improved alternative to pharmaceuticals such as opioids, sleep aids, and others.”

In Florida, Surterra provides a broad portfolio of high-quality brands to meet the needs of individuals who choose the natural medical relief and wellness enhancing benefits of cannabis products. The company offers a wide variety of natural Surterra Wellness products that are designed to take the guesswork out of cannabis treatments and to deliver targeted wellness benefits.

Surterra operates 23 Surterra Wellness Centers across the state of Florida and is expanding its footprint through acquisitions in other states. In addition to its flagship Surterra Wellness line of products, Surterra recently launched a new Coral Reefer cannabis brand in Florida, which was developed in conjunction with Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville team and provides a range of wellness- focused cannabis products and lifestyle merchandise. Surterra also sells its Florida’s Finest brand in its Wellness Centers and plans to introduce cannabis-infused foods and edibles when regulatory authorities make this possible.

Dr. Bottaro completed a dual bachelors degree in biochemistry and cellular physiology from Fairfield University and Franciscan University of Steubenville. He then continued his education at Duke University and Lake Erie College of Medicine, graduating with dual degrees in a Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration, later finishing a Master’s in Business Administration and a Master’s of Public Health.

About Surterra Wellness

Surterra Wellness (Surterra) is one of the nation’s fastest growing health and wellness companies. With vertical operations in Florida, Texas and Nevada, and a pending acquisition in Massachusetts, Surterra brings a broad portfolio of high-quality brands to meet the needs of individuals who choose the natural medical relief and wellness enhancing benefits of cannabis products. Surterra offers a wide variety of medical, health and wellness products in multiple delivery options, including vaporizer pens, tinctures, oral sprays, topical creams, time released transdermal patches, softgels, and soon cannabis-infused foods. The company’s brand portfolio includes: Surterra Wellness, Florida’s Finest, The Apothecary Shoppe, and Coral Reefer brands. Founded in 2014, Surterra serves thousands of consumers each year. For more information, please visit www.surterra.com.