Forty-five percent of medical cannabis users treating insomnia are experiencing a significant improvement in their sleeping patterns, according to data from medical cannabis app developer Strainprint Technologies.

The company’s app makes it easy for patients to track individual sessions, reporting the strains they’re using, the amount being consumed, the symptoms they’re treating, the length of the session and how they feel both before and after using cannabis. The feedback users provide gives other patients insight on the effects of specific strains, helps growers and producers create better products and customer experiences. It also helps researchers and clinicians in analyzing the medical outcomes of cannabis.

Beyond showing promise for those struggling with insomnia, other data points pulled from the app show that patients definitely prefer using dried flower to treat their sleeping issues. 7 out of 10 Strainprint users list dried flowers as their method of consumption. The data also shows:

• Three common terpenes exist in all of the top strains for insomnia, including beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene.

• Men are choosing strains with THC ratios that far outweigh CBD with ratios of 20:0 and 15:0 being the most popular.

• Female patients are choosing a much wider range of THC:CBD ratios. The ratios range from 25:0 to 1:2.

The wide range of CBD:THC ratios among female users perhaps demonstrates a more are using a more conservative outlook towards the psycho active effects of THC. It may also be a reflection of the fact that the average male is significantly more likely to both use and have previous experience with medical cannabis as compared to the average female.

The common terpenes found in all of the top strains treating insomnia reduce inflammation in the brain, provide sedative effects and are easily absorbed by the body.          

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