Successful Open House Brings Together the Company and its Shareholders

Orlando, FL, October 25, 2022  — Branded Legacy, Inc. (OTCQB: BLEG), a holding company focused on the commercial development of cannabinoid-infused products from CBD topicals and tinctures to edibles held its first open house at its newly acquired facilities in Newberry, FL.

The Company’s recent acquisition, Alpha Growers, LLC in Newberry, FL, hosted Company’s first open house on October 21, 2022. The Company was able to showcase its whole operation from seed to finished product. Alpha Growers specializes in growing and harvesting industrial hemp.

Brandon Spikes, Chairman of Branded Legacy, Inc., stated, “What a great opportunity to meet our shareholders and supporters. We all enjoyed our time getting to show off our most recent acquisition.”

Alpha Growers is now featuring products on Spikes CBDX’s website as its brand of hemp flower. The Company plans to expand product lines while utilizing Alpha Growers plants to create pre-rolls offered in both CBD and Delta-8.

Previously the Company announced that September marked the Company’s highest revenues. Branded Legacy is in the process of finalizing its third quarter numbers but currently the revenues for the month of September are north of $75,000. The Company attributes much of its revenue growth to its recent acquisitions. Its newest acquisition of Alpha Growers is heading the company in the direction of being fully vertically integrated in the cannabis industry. Its revenues will be added to the Company’s disclosure in the fourth quarter.

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