“Legalizes Personal Use Marijuana for Adults Twenty-One or Older, Permits Adults to
Cultivate Marijuana”

Sensible Florida PAC d/b/a as Regulate Florida is excited to announce a new petition drive for a proposed amendment to the Florida Constitution that will permit adults twenty-one and older to grow and use marijuana.

The proposed amendment was drafted by the Regulate Florida team led by prominent trial lawyer Michael C. Minardi, Esq., longtime marijuana advocate and Executive Director of NORML of Florida Karen Seeb Goldstein, President and Founder of Sunshine Cannabis, Chris “Sunshine” Williams, and President of The Game of Zonk, David Rakower.

Regulate Florida is kicking off an aggressive campaign to Free The Plant by launching our initiative to qualify for the 2022 election to bring sensible marijuana policy to the Sunshine State.


The mission of Regulate Florida is to end the prohibition of personal adult use of marijuana.

Our amendment will allow consenting adults to choose if they want to choose to use marijuana legally and responsibly rather than be labeled as criminals, while also reducing the burden placed on law enforcement resources from an outdated era of prohibition.