Now Introducing Shredded Weedies™

TORONTO, Nov. 10, 2022  — Tilray Brands, Inc. (“Tilray” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq: TLRY; TSX: TLRY), a leading global cannabis-lifestyle and consumer packaged goods company, today announced the expansion of their CANACA cannabis brand portfolio. The brand’s latest product release includes the launch of three new high-potency full-spectrum butane hash oil (“BHO”) infused products, along with expanded distribution of its current collection across Canada, for discerning cannabis enthusiasts, demanding boosted experiences.

Canadians know what it’s like to need a boost. The #FeelTheBoost campaign is proudly Canadian and all about expanding horizons. CANACA’s three new fall BHO-infused product launches include:

Shredded Weedies™
Home of CANACA’s new infused milled flower line features premium milled whole flower and BHO infused crumble. Combined to deliver a consistent and convenient smoke in a 3g format, Sky OG is the single strain BHO source in this amped-up product that is guaranteed to be there when you want to get going and stay elevated.

Crumble Cones™
Infused with Golden Pine BHO for an amped-up THC experience, these handy pre-rolls come in a 3-pack at 0.5 g each. Reliable, consistent, and convenient, these terpene and cannabinoid-rich pre-rolls assure the adventure you are seeking. Push the boundaries, then pop the rest in your pocket to stay that way throughout your day.

Indica 30
A redeveloped 3-pack of 0.5g infused pre-rolls that are perfect for on-the-go adventures. A proprietary blend of trichome-dense, hand-harvested indica whole flower is boosted with an amped-up infusion of high-potency Sky OG BHO crumble. The result is a potent sky-high THC percentage delivered with an intense herbal profile.

As proudly Canadian as these new and exciting products are, they also happen to be potently Canadian and made for any occasion. CANACA’s new collection of BHO-infused products are available in select regions and retailers across Canada.


CANACA is a proudly Canadian brand that indulges your unapologetic love for Canada and cannabis. We’re all about elevated adventures and expanding your horizons. The ones where you’re enjoying the journey, not just the destination. We’re passionate about crafting cannabis that’s consistent, reliable, and full of character — just like the people we serve.

Our products are curated and designed to serve the unique and ever-evolving cannabis needs and wants of Canadians. We’re proud of our work and the people and places that produce our products. That’s why CANACA is grown, produced, and packaged in small-town Canada and always will be. We’re potently Canadian, and dang proud of it.

For more information on CANACA, follow @CANACAyourbud on Instagram. #FeeltheBoost

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