Seattle, June 20, 2023 — Pervasip Corp. (OTCPK: PVSP) (“Pervasip” or the “Company”), a developer of companies and technologies in high value emerging markets, such as Artizen Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary, today announced that it will begin to harvest and distribute its Artizen quality cannabis at its new Oregon location following its first harvest in August. Located in Ashland, the cultivation site offers Dynamic VPD via a next generation set of technology that is responsible for producing Artizen quality cannabis flower.

Recently, Pervasip announced its intention to expand into Oregon and target the states $1.1B recreational cannabis market and looking to take full advantage of the world’s largest cannabis market by bridging Washington state via Oregon into California.  Now the company is ready to harvest and distribute in Oregon starting August 2023 while also rapidly expanding its retail footprint throughout the Beaver State.

“In April we announced our entry into the Oregon recreational cannabis market and now our intentions are becoming reality for our shareholders less than two months later with this announcement of our first harvest in August,” said German Burtscher, President and CEO of Pervasip Corp.  “Our team has updated and readied our new cultivation center at a rapid pace over the past 2 months. Our wholly owned subsidiary, Artizen Oregon, is now focused on leveraging our cultivation and distribution expertise to operate this modern grow and processing facility in Ashland, Oregon which is strategically located for us geographically speaking.  Utilizing our site’s substantial technology advantage, we will be able to grow the same high quality cannabis customers in Washington have grown to expect from us.”

Although current production will be limited to 280 lights, allowing for a measured market entry, Burtscher said it will be supplemented with value added products sourced through local partnerships. In addition, harvest schedules are being developed, product localization is under way and initial distribution plans are getting developed.

Pervasip Corporation
Pervasip Corp., a developer of companies and technologies in high value emerging markets, owns Artizen Corporation and its subsidiary, Zen Asset Management LLC, a diversified asset management company founded to acquire, develop, and support companies and technologies in the cannabis industry. ZAM’s existing clients operate four licensed cannabis cultivation and one processing facility in Washington. Most of the biomass produced by these independent cultivators has been sold historically under the Artizen™ brand, including all-time top selling products in flower in Washington state. Additional information on Artizen-branded products is available online at Pervasip additionally owns 5% of KRTL Biotech, Inc., a developer of biotechnologies with a focus on pharmaceutical applications of cannabinol and psilocybin. Additional information on KRTL is available online at Additional information on Pervasip can be found at