By Vanessa Orr

One of the most amazing things about the cannabis plant is that it can be used to treat so many different conditions, from relieving stress and anxiety to enhancing memory and focus. At RISE Cannabis dispensaries, which are located throughout Florida, team members utilize their expertise and knowledge to help patients find the right product.

The company, which was one of the original 13 licensees to open in the state, started in Deerfield Beach in January 2019 and has since expanded to include facilities in Bonita Springs, Oviedo, West Palm Beach, Hallandale Beach and Pinellas Park. 

Troy Postal

“Our goal is to provide high quality medical marijuana that is 100 percent cannabis to our patients,” explained Patient & Community Outreach Coordinator Troy Postal. “We focus on strain-specific products so that they know exactly what they’re getting.”

More than 100 different terpenes are found in the cannabis plant, and every strain has a unique composition and terpene type. 

“Patients are looking for products with specific therapeutic effects; for example, they may need an anti-inflammatory, or they may need want something that aids in increased memory retention,” said Postal. “Each terpene provides something different, and we can guide them to find the right medical approach. 

“For example, myrcene is a heavy sedative terpene and works well for patients looking for anti-inflammatory relief,” he explained. “Limonene is known for creativity. Linalool may promote relaxation and can also help with neurodegenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.”

Angelica Lilley

RISE counsels patients and works with them to find the right medical regimen; they also relay terpene information on each product for complete transparency. “Every plant has a different composition, so we focus on education at our dispensaries,” said Patient and Community Outreach Coordinator Angelica Lilley. “The more information that is available, the better it is for patients.” 

Postal adds that this sharing of information is included in their training protocol. “We listen to our patients so that we know what they are looking for, and then we utilize our knowledge of specific medicines to provide that,” he said. “While others may provide a broader knowledge of medical cannabis, we understand our own specialization and how to apply it to the patient.”

Another factor that sets RISE apart is that it is one of the only companies that cultivates its products exclusively indoors. 

“This way, no external variables come into play,” said Postal. “We use the leading horticultural methods in a controlled environment, monitoring humidity, temperature, lighting, air flow and more. Our growing process is tied to data-driven science, enabling us to raise plants of the highest potency and quality.”

RISE operates in 13 different states and has expanded its footprint in Florida quite rapidly. Still, the company believes in the personal touch. 

“During our new patient consultations, we spend time explaining what we offer, how different strains can affect patients, discounts and more,” said Lilley. “We do not utilize call centers in Florida; if a patient needs us, they can call their RISE store directly.”

Products come in a variety of forms including flowers, vapes, pre-rolls, concentrates, tinctures, capsules and CBD, and RISE carries well-known product lines including Dogwalker pre-rolls, Dr. Solomon’s capsules, The Feel Collection tinctures and the Rythm flower, vaporizer and concentrate line. 

“We want our patients to be confident in the medicine that they are receiving,” said Lilley. 

The dispensaries remained open during the pandemic, offering curbside pick-up, while wearing personal protective gear and enforcing the six-foot distance between customers. They also deliver to patients out of their Pinellas Park, Deerfield Beach and Hallandale Beach dispensaries.

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