The company was selected to manufacture and supply MDMA for the program set to take place later this year, pending clinical trial approval

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 15, 2023  — Optimi Health Corp. (CSE: OPTI) (OTCQX: OPTHF) (FRA: 8BN) (“Optimi” or the “Company”), an end-to-end drug researcher and formulator licensed by Health Canada to produce and supply, for clinical research purposes and in controlled patient markets, psychedelic substances such as GMP-grade 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (“MDMA”) and natural psilocybin, along with natural health product formulations, is pleased to announce that it has been selected to manufacture and supply MDMA for a practitioner experiential clinical trial, sponsored by Numinus Wellness Inc. (“Numinus”), announced earlier today. This clinical trial will provide practitioners training to provide MDMA-assisted therapy with the opportunity to participate in experiential training – through a training partnership between Numinus and the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (“MAPS”).

The clinical trial application has been submitted by Numinus through its wholly owned subsidiary Numinus Wellness Research Inc. If approved by Health Canada, the clinical trial would enable practitioners interested in MDMA-assisted therapy the ability to experience and observe MDMA sessions to further their understanding of psychedelic-assisted therapy and allow Numinus to test the safety and efficacy of MDMA in healthy subjects.

Optimi CEO, Bill Ciprick, says this latest supply partnership confirms the Company’s “all-in” approach to supporting therapists and being a preferred supplier of MDMA.

“Optimi is committed to supporting Numinus and MAPS as they prepare to meet this immediate need for therapist and practitioner training,” said Ciprick. “Therapists provided experiential training within the parameters of this partnership will be able to provide a greater standard of care to patients undergoing these treatments. We are excited to be part of the journey.”

Numinus Founder and CEO, Payton Nyquvest, added: “We are thrilled to announce this unique partnership with Optimi that opens the doors to a groundbreaking opportunity for psychedelic therapists worldwide,” said Nyquvest. “Along with MAPS, we are pioneering a new era of research and access to MDMA-assisted therapy, empowering therapists to unlock transformative healing journeys for their clients. This collaboration represents our unwavering commitment to expanding the frontiers of mental health, providing a safe and guided path towards profound healing and personal growth.”


Optimi Health Corp. is an end-to-end Canadian-based drug researcher and formulator licensed by Health Canada to produce and supply psychedelic substances such as 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (“MDMA”) and natural, GMP-grade psilocybin, as well as functional mushrooms that focus on the health and wellness markets. Built with the purpose of producing scalable psychedelic formulations for transformational human experiences, the Company’s goal is to be the number one trusted, compassionate supplier of safe drug products throughout the world. Optimi’s products are grown at its two facilities comprising a total of 20,000 square feet in Princeton, British Columbia, making it the largest psilocybin and MDMA producer in North America.

Operational Strength:

  • Optimi is producing OPTI-MHCL in-house under its Health Canada issued Dealers Licence using Optimi’s scalable, proprietary production method.
  • Optimi is also manufacturing MDMA under GMP-compliant protocols, making additional MDMA product available for clinical research, drug development, and therapist training initiatives.
  • OPTI-MHCL was tested for purity on-site with a result of >99% which the Company is validating through a third-party laboratory.
  • Received a GMP Natural Health Product site licence by Health Canada.