The event will include “cannabis as medicine” educational sessions and info on Florida’s new medical marijuana program, alongside a unique participatory experience infused with the arts, poetry, and music.

Kicking off the first month of the CannXperience Tour, featured speakers include Dr. Sasha Noe (America’s only known physician with a PhD in molecular cannabinoid research for almost two decades) and Dr. Terel Newton (an anesthesiologist and specialist in interventional pain management with years of experience in medical marijuana practice in Florida and throughout the U.S.). Also lecturing, Dr. John Simons (a cancer survivor and family medicine practitioner who will highlight multiple success stories from the everyday patient who chose cannabis) and Dr. Mark Paris, ( a family medicine practitioner with four decades of experience, specializes in clinical research in various fields including ophthalmology).

The highlight of the day will feature an intensive discussion with Dr. Rav, Ivker, a Medical Director at Fully Alive Medical Centers in Boulder, Colorado, lecturing in Florida for the first time since authoring his book Cannabis for Chronic Pain. Dr. Ivker is a holistic healer and family physician since 1972. His current practice includes Respiratory Healing (chronic and fungal sinusitis, asthma, and allergies); Psycho-Spiritual Counseling; Medical Marijuana Evaluations & Treatment; Healing Touch/Energy Medicine. Dr. Rav’s greatest passion is serving his patients as a healer and teacher, guiding and empowering them to create the life of their dreams – rejuvenating their body, inspiring their mind, opening their heart, and soothing their soul.

People who are interested in getting a medical marijuana card under Florida’s program can learn about the process and meet doctors who are certified by the state to enroll patients. The dispensaries (MMTCs) will be present to discuss their product lines. Doctors who are interested in networking with other doctors will benefit from our doctors-only panel to discuss practical issues related to a medical marijuana practice.

For more information (including Sponsor/Vendor options), call toll-free (844) 435-5333 or e-mail


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?
No, children are welcome, although the event is designed to appeal to an audience of 21 & over.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
Parking varies depending on the location of the venue. For our kickoff at ArtServe, we have plenty of free parking at the venue and across the street in case of an overload.