Purwell is pleased to announce that after two years as Executive Vice President of Sales and Strategic Marketing, Nick DiFrancesco has purchased Purwell from Vittoux. Nick is now the owner and Chief Executive Officer at Purwell.  

Before devoting his work full time to PurWell, he helped launch a widely known cannabis company named Veritas Farms. He is also well known for his work in the medical field including pharmaceutical products and devices nation-wide for companies like Primus pharmaceuticals, Rotech healthcare and Pulmocair.

In addition to overseeing the launch and on-going marketing initiatives for medical device and pharmaceutical products, Mr. DiFrancesco has hired, managed, and trained medical sales teams who helped achieve growth targets in their respective product categories.

Known for a tireless work ethic, energetic presentation, and a hands on approach to consultative sales, Nick DiFrancesco has blazed a trail of multimillion-dollar achievement across several industries and has also been garnered with many sales accolades like Rookie Of the Year, countless Brand Awards, The Circle of Excellence Award, and MVP award for the company Primus Pharmaceuticals.

With Nick DiFrancesco as CEO, PurWell will continue to grow and provide quality and consistency in their products. There will even be an announcement of a new product in the near future. 

About PurWell

PurWell is dedicated to providing premium, organic hemp oil products that promote general health and wellness through whole plant relief. PurWell’s proprietary formulations are crafted specifically to meet the needs of the healthcare marketplace, offering a range of strengths and applications for seamless customized treatment.