Las Vegas, NV, January 24, 2023 — MJ Holdings Inc., a leading cannabis holding company, is pleased to announce successful harvest results at its Amargosa Valley cannabis farm. The yield and quality of harvested plants exceeded expectations.

“We are growing and harvesting with a focus to extract from the trim and create D9 distillate,” said Director of Operations, Al Reasonover, “Our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly growing methods has not only benefited the environment but also resulted in an increased yield and quality of our cannabis strains.”

The farm employs sustainable and eco-friendly growing methods including natural sunlight and a closed-loop irrigation system. These methods reduce the environmental impact and result in healthier plants and higher-quality cannabis.

In addition to the farm’s success, MJ Holdings Inc. is also proud of the positive economic impact the farm has had on the local community.

“We are dedicated to not only producing top-quality cannabis but also to being a positive force in the communities in which we operate,” added Al Reasonover.

The success at the Amargosa Valley farm validates MJ Holdings Inc.’s commitment to investing in methodology and equipment to enhance quality, volume and consistency.

About MJ Holdings, Inc.

MJ Holdings Inc. (OTCPK: MJNE) is a highly diversified, publicly traded, cannabis holding company headquartered in the greater Las Vegas area. MJ Holdings currently provides cultivation management, licensing support, production management and asset and infrastructure development.