September 01, 2022  — MJ Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: MJNE), a highly diversified, publicly traded and penny stock exempt, cannabis holding company, is excited to announce the engagement of Mr. John Tabacco as VP of Digital Asset Strategy.

Al Reasonover, Director of Operations is pleased to welcome John Tabacco, formerly President of Digital Asset subsidiary Tzero, to join MJ Holdings as VP of Digital Asset Strategy. “Mr. Tabacco will lead the Company’s newest initiative developing a corporate strategy to combine a Digital Asset and Cannabis product” says Mr. Reasonover.

John is a globally recognized thought leader, and one of the foremost early adopters, inventors and innovators in the Crypto and Blockchain space. Mr. Tabacco will provide guidance and recommendations in developing and implementing the strategy for future cannabis digital assets and blockchain innovation.

Mr. Tabacco served on the founding team as one of the architects of the crypto blockchain incubator Medici. As a pioneer in digital assets Mr. Tabacco led the team in developing the first Digital Security ecosystem approved under Federal Securities Laws, from its inception. In addition, Mr. Tabacco was part of a group instrumental in inventing and creating patents, that today, are granted. He is recognized by the USPTO as an inventor on granted digital asset and blockchain patents.

John stated, “I have spent 25 years originating, developing, engineering value and selling companies worth in excess of $500M. My track record is to initiate, instigate, disrupt, and exponentially grow shareholder value. I have strategic investments and relationships with many of the global leaders in digital assets and intend to leverage those into disruptive technologies and programs to change the game in cannabis. I have not seen a company better positioned than MJ Holdings to implement an aggressive forward strategy marrying Cannabis and Crypto. Many have talked about bringing Cannabis cultivation and Digital Assets together, but none have accomplished that goal. “MJ has all the components to be first in bringing that goal to fruition” says CCO Paris Balaouras.

John is currently the host and Executive Producer of Wiseguys on Newsmax TV (, where he shares thoughts, insights and visions with distribution to nearly 80 million households on multiple platforms. The unique combination of cutting-edge innovation, expertise in developing and advancing new products combined with a branding campaign to create awareness positions MJ Holdings to become a Global Leader in paradigm changing digital asset excellence. 

About MJ Holdings, Inc.

MJ Holdings Inc. (OTCQB: MJNE) is a highly diversified, publicly traded and penny stock exempt, cannabis holding company headquartered in the greater Las Vegas area. MJ Holdings currently provides cultivation management, licensing support, production management and asset and infrastructure development.