Notice date: January 21, 2022 – Beginning Monday, March 1, 2022, the Medical Marijuana Use Registry (Registry) will be updated to comply with section 381.986(8)(e)16.b., Florida Statutes (F.S.), which states, in part, medical marijuana treatment centers (MMTCs) “may not dispense more than one 35-day supply of marijuana in a form for smoking within any 35-day period to a qualified patient or caregiver.” As such, a 35-day rolling limit will now be used to calculate dispensation limits for marijuana in a form for smoking. This means the amount of marijuana in a form for smoking a patient may purchase on any given day is calculated as the difference between the amount permitted by the patient’s current order and the patient’s total dispensation history over the past 35 days. The 35-day cycle is not based on the calendar month or certification-issued date.

All patients will be given a 35-day transitionary period from March 1, 2022 to April 4, 2022. During this time, only dispensations made on or after March 1, 2022, for marijuana in a form for smoking, will be used to calculate the amount available to be dispensed to the patient. Beginning April 5, 2022, all patients will start their own 35-day rolling limit, and MMTCs will not be permitted to dispense an amount in excess of a patient’s 35-day rolling limit.

As part of this Registry update, patients and caregivers will see a new “Dispensable Amount” value on their orders. The “Dispensable Amount” value is the total available amount of marijuana in a form for smoking that a qualified patient or caregiver may receive at any given time due to the patient’s 35-day rolling limit.

For more details about a patient’s dispensation history and the date additional amounts will become available to the patient, you can access the new “Dispensation History” dashboard. This dashboard tracks all smoking dispensations used to calculate the patient’s “Dispensable Amount.” To view this new dashboard, expand your active Smoking Order in the Registry, and click the “See Calculation” link next to the “Dispensable Amount.” It is important to note that “Date Expires” means that the respective amount of marijuana in a form for smoking will become available the day following the date listed (i.e., the amount dispensed becomes available to the patient at midnight of the day following the date listed on “Date Expires”).

The Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU) has published an instructional guide on how to understand the Amount Available Calculation Page. This guide can also be found on the OMMU’s website, here:

Please let us know if you have any questions about this update by emailing the OMMU at or by calling our support line at (850) 245-4657, option 2.