The non-alcoholic Spirit brand is here to reshape the drinking scene with the finest ingredients and no hangover

PALM BEACH, FL. – May 17, 2022 – As the popularity of CBD rises, Lifted Supreme Non- Alcoholic Spirits has created a brand dedicated to giving people the alternative to alcohol that lets you feel great, have fun, and be included in life’s social events without the negative consequences. Available online now, Lifted is launching in south Florida and the Hamptons this summer.

Many people refrain from or even stop drinking because of the negative effects alcohol can have on the body both physically and mentally. Lifted believes people should still be able to enjoy drinks without these effects. Made with full-spectrum hemp extract that includes THC (compliant with the 2018 Federal Farm Bill Act, which limits the amount of THC in hemp products to 0.3% by dry weight), other cannabinoids, flavorful spices, botanicals, and fruits, Lifted has multiple lines of light and dark spirits that taste great and also help ease the mind and body.

Alcohol is the only drug people question you for not using. But, in reality, the first 20 minutes after your first sip of booze is the best it gets; the rest of the night, or following few days, is spent chasing that buzz and never attaining it, just getting more down. Many people have drank alcohol to cope with stress and anxiety, but instead of decreased symptoms, alcohol only heightens them making it worse.

An alcohol-free life is not a death sentence to your social life, in fact it can be quite the opposite. Alcohol numbs pain, but it also numbs joy. With Lifted,  every experience is more enhanced and not dulled like it was with alcohol. Similar to the ease and comfort experience of alcohol, users feel that familiar ease and comfort when drinking Lifted, but without the negative consequences because they’re putting something good into their body, as opposed to poisoning it. After only 10 minutes, customers already start to feel the comforting effects.

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