Melbourne, FL, January 03, 2023 — Kona Gold Beverage, Inc. (OTCQB: KGKG), a holding company focused on product development in the better-for-you and functional beverage sector is pleased to announce it closed out 2022 with a record revenue month in December compared to all previous Decembers in Company history with approximate revenues of just over $400,000.  This is a display of strength in sales as December is generally the slowest month in the beverage industry.  Kona Gold Beverage also finished the quarter with approximately $1,190,000 in revenue, its second strongest quarter in Company history. 

Kona Gold Beverage had an increase in Revenue of 172% from fiscal year 2020 to 2021 and although the Company is still finalizing numbers, the revenue increase from fiscal year 2021 to 2022 should be approximately 80-85%.  This marks two years of solid back-to-back growth.  The Company has positioned itself to have another large growth year in 2023 across its subsidiaries.

“I’m very pleased to share with our stockholders that Kona Gold Beverage closed out a very strong year with an even stronger December,” stated Robert Clark, CEO of Kona Gold Beverage, Inc. “December is generally our slowest month of the year, but with the growth of our Ooh La Lemin Lemonade brand and extremely strong sales with our Gold Leaf Distribution subsidiary, our team executed across the board.”

Clark added, “Our strong December is only a preview to what is coming down the pipe for 2023.  We are looking forward to starting out the year very strong with a big uptick in Ooh La Lemin Lemonade sales and continued growth with our distribution subsidiary.”

In November, Kona Gold Beverage announced it entered into an agreement with Strategy & Execution Inc (“SEI”) to accelerate growth of its beverage portfolio over the next three years and beyond.  SEI has begun to set meetings with distributors and retail chains around the country.  The current relationships and brand portfolio that SEI has in the market will undoubtedly drive the Kona Gold Beverage Brands go-to-market objectives.

Kona Gold Beverage also recently announced its wholly owned subsidiary, Gold Leaf Distribution, posted record revenue in the month of November.  Record revenue in November shows strong growth for Gold Leaf Distribution as the winter months are historically the slowest in the beverage industry.  Gold Leaf Distribution posted approximately $362,000 in revenue for the month of November.  Year-over-year revenue growth in November doubled from the prior year’s revenue, which was approximately $180,000.

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About Kona Gold Beverage, Inc.

Kona Gold Beverage, Inc., a Delaware corporation, has created wholly-owned subsidiaries, Kona Gold LLC, HighDrate, LLC, and Gold Leaf Distribution, LLC.  Kona Gold, LLC has developed a premium Hemp-Infused Energy Drink line; please visit its website at  HighDrate, LLC has developed the beverage industry’s first CBD-Infused Energy Water, available in 6 delicious flavors; please visit its website at Gold Leaf Distribution, LLC was created to fill the Company’s distribution needs in markets that it wants to enter quickly; please visit its website at  Kona Gold Beverage, Inc. recently rebranded its Lemin Lemonade to Ooh La Lemin Lemonade; please visit its website at Kona Gold and its family of companies are located on the east coast of Florida in Melbourne and in Greer and Conway South Carolina.