Tel Aviv, Israel, April 12, 2018… In a long-awaited move, the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament is set to approve the export of medical cannabis allowing Israel to fully participate in exploding cannabis industry world-wide.

Saul Kaye, CEO of iCAN: Israel-Cannabis issued the following statement:

“This is a long overdue but welcome development. iCAN has been diligently working together with Israeli regulators to further the growth of the cannabis industry with the goal of having Israel become the leading global export nation of medical cannabis.

Israel, already the most advanced nation on earth in cannabis R&D will now be able to produce and market cannabis base products that will help millions of people suffering from numerous illnesses and afflictions such as cancer, MS, Parkinson’s, sleep disorders, epilepsy, and PTSD, to name just a few.

Israel’s expertise in the field extends from cultivation, processing, research, and development. By law, Israeli companies will be subject to strict supervision and maintain high medical grade standards.

Israel is perfectly positioned to enter and disrupt the medical cannabis market that is expected to soar to $33 billion dollars worldwide in the next 5 years. In Israel alone, we quickly expect over $1 billion in sales to countries interested in our products.
Companies and inventors from around the world are collaborating with us. Cannabis will become as important to Israel’s economy as high-tech.

We are proud of our forward-thinking government and will continue to work together to build the industry and help patients access quality safe tested Israeli cannabis.

However, while the move to allow exports of finished goods is great, the world demand for cannabis flower is a huge opportunity that is being missed. The move to export certain Israeli products great first step, but we need to continue to lobby for flower exports as well.”

About iCAN:Israel-Cannabis

iCAN is a globally recognized Israeli company focused on the medical cannabis industry. iCAN operates across all verticals including: consulting, business development, mentoring, investment strategy, network and media, compliance and regulation, CRO, commercialization, formulation and international distribution. To go to iCAN’s website click here.