By Daniel Casciato

As corporate consultants, medical consultants, and more recently, as the founders of a company providing diagnostic testing services to physician offices in South Florida, Stephanie Curran and her fiancé saw several problems within the medical industry.

“It was disheartening to see that today’s physicians have to work twice as hard and see twice as many patients but make half as much money as they used to,” Curran says.

After Amendment 2 was approved by voters in November 2016, that opened up a brand new industry to serve tens of thousands of people throughout the state. Curran knew that several of her physician clients became interested in getting involved in the cannabis industry but didn’t necessarily know how to.

“We were invited to a cannabis conference and at that conference we were exposed to the hemp and cannabidiol (CBD) marketplace,” says Curran. “At that point, we saw a real unique opportunity to be able to provide another revenue stream to physicians.”

After speaking with several attorneys and understanding the legality of HEMP based upon the reprieve of the 2014 federal Farm Bill, which allows state agriculture departments to designate hemp projects for research and development, Curran and her fiancé started their new business, Biolief and created a software platform for their new, proprietary, high-grade, hemp-based products. According to the company, the products are some of the most efficacious in the market. Their grower’s proprietary solvent-free infusion process treats only all-natural ingredients with simple heat, water and pressure. They are also committed to whole-plant formulation, meaning that they do not use solvents, do not add distillates and do not add terpenes back in.

“In addition to being a revenue stream for physicians, these products now give patients a choice in their healthcare,” says Curran. “Many times doctors are dictated by pharmaceutical companies but patients should have a choice in what they are taking. In addition, physicians don’t have to necessarily stress seeing as many patents as they typically would knowing that these products and this revenue stream can add so much value to what they are currently doing.”

Through Biolief, physician practices and clinics have access to Biolief’s software platform that allows their patients to purchase hemp-based products at the touch of a button. When a physician’s clinic, practice or office, becomes a collaborative partner with Biolief, that practice is created as a user in its system for a small fee.

What this does is gives the practice or clinic a unique E-commerce site (which is a replica of Biolief’s site) that links all sales to them. Patients or consumers can place an order online at that clinic or from the comfort of their home through the E-commerce site, and in turn, the clinic or office makes a profit on the transaction. All payouts and consumer information is contained on Biolief’s secure server and managed by the executive team.

“All of our partners have access to the same products that we have access to we can track those sales through the website,” says Curran.

Biolief provides:

• Application of all required licenses
• Business registrations for whole-sale certificates
• Legal fees for their side
• Project management/building of all website development within the software
• Development and Strategic Implementation of all sales processes
• Development and Strategic Implementation of all marketing processes and trainings
• Management of all Sales Reps
• Management of all payouts and commissions structures
• Management/Oversight and implementation of call center/customer service support center

Biolief assigns a sales rep to each of their partner’s practice or clinic and gives them a 3-foot wide kiosk with 25 marketing materials and an iPad. Patients can order the hemp-based products right from the iPad and the products are drop shipped to their home.

“We also provide training and the resources to the doctors,” says Curran. “To help them further, we also hold weekly sales training calls. We’re gaining a lot of traction with the new company. Not only are we in South Florida, but we have a presence in 24 states now.”

For more information, visit or call Ms. Stephanie Curran at 561-779-3399.