TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – May 6, 2019 — Hart’s Plant Nursery, Inc. (“Hart’s” or “Company”) today announced the Company has been issued a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center license from the Florida Department of Health.

The license provides for vertical integration, enabling Hart’s to cultivate, process, manufacture, and dispense medical cannabis to Florida patients in up to 35 retail locations. Hart’s looks to make an impact in rural and economically disadvantaged communities in Florida.

Florida’s medical cannabis market is undergoing rapid growth; the Florida Office of Medical Marijuana Use reports 210,561 Qualified Patients and 2,202 Qualified Ordering Physicians. Arcview Market Research/BDS Analytics predicts the market will grow $1.7 billion by 2022 with an estimated patient population of over 500,000.

The CEO of Hart’s Plant Nursery, Mark de Souza, also serves as the CEO of Illinois based cannabis cultivator Revolution Enterprises, a national leader in the cannabis industry.

Hart’s plans to leverage Revolution Enterprises’ operational expertise and introduce their full suite of high-quality brands to the Florida medical cannabis market.

“Hart’s is enthused to enter the Florida medical cannabis market with a strong commitment to patients and community. Markets with robust regulatory structures and strict consumer safety regulations are where we thrive, and we are excited to execute. We look forward to extending Revolution’s national footprint, along with its professional pledges to education, equity, and local economic growth,” said CEO Mark de Souza.

“The scale and scope of the Florida medical cannabis market provide a perfect framework to deploy our core competencies that focus on delivering a diverse and consistent high-quality portfolio of cannabis-based brands and products that consumers trust,” added Revolution’s Chief Strategy Officer and Deputy CEO Oleg Movchan. “We are excited to provide health and wellness solutions and create significant economic impact through tax revenues and job creation, as well as enhance the wellness and overall quality of life of Florida patients”