ESTERO, Fla., April 20, 2023 — GRN Holding Corporation, Inc. (OTC Pink: GRNF) is pleased to announce that they have completed the purchase of Mendocino Green Inc, which includes a cultivation license, nursery license and distribution license from one of the oldest cannabis license holders in California.

With the consummation of this acquisition, the Company filed a supplemental report with OTC Markets to remove the shell status symbol from the OTC Markets webpage. The removal of this designation will take the Company one step closer to its previously announced plans for Corporate Restructuring. Click here to learn more: GRN Holding Corporation Signs Letter of Intent for Corporate Restructuring and GRN Holding Corporation Announces Name Change to Marijuana Inc.

Donald Steinberg, the Company’s CEO, commented “This acquisition of Mendocino Green Inc, which includes cultivation, nursery, and distribution license for California, allows us to expand our footprint in the Cannabis market. This purchase directly impacts the success of the VivaBuds launch in Los Angeles.”

(a)Cultivation License (County License # AG 2017_0013 and State License # CCL18-0002341);

(b)Nursery License (County License # AG 2017_0014 and State License # CCL20-0000886);

(c)Distribution License (State License # C11-0000553-LIC)

With the nursery, GRN Holding can support the development of the 17 Landrace strains which their consultants at One World Legends are currently growing in Colombia. This will allow them to supply cannabis cultivators with Landrace tissue cultures that are sometimes very hard to obtain.

Frank Van Vranken of Mendocino Greens Inc. said, “The opportunity to be part of GRN Holding Corporation opens pathways for growth we did not have before. The distribution channels available through GRNF, tied in with our ability to source good quality, low priced Cannabis from the scores of Cannabis farmers we currently work with, will have a great impact on the distribution part of this agreement.”

About GRN Holding Corporation (GRNF)
GRN Holding Corporation is a publicly quoted company that is involved in the global distribution and sale of Marijuana in states and countries where legal to do so. The Company has set into motion collaborations with Marijuana farmers to distribute high grade, low-cost Marijuana to legal consumers, wholesalers and retailers. With their “Tell A Friend” model, GRN Holding is setting up for Farmer to Consumer distribution. GRN Holding is led by people who put the first publicly traded marijuana company on a US stock market, Medical Marijuana Inc. The team includes noteworthy cannabis pioneers and successful leaders in the public cannabis market.

About VivaBuds: This is the retail marketing division of Marijuana Inc, focused on a launch in Los Angeles, the largest marijuana market in the world. This program uses the “Tell A Friend” marketing approach of GRN Holding to break thru established and traditional supply lines by going direct from farm to consumer. Their first objective is to partner with fully compliant retail delivery and distribution license holders in California to provide Viva Buds to the retail market. Marijuana Inc is completing the affiliate marketing software for VivaBuds as well as finalizing license agreements with 2 locations in the L.A. area.

About One World Legends (OWL): This is a consulting company to GRN Holding and the global distribution division of Marijuana Inc. Thru their licensed grow and export partners they bring a Marijuana World Tour to their customers offering genetics from Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Jamaica, Mexico, Colombia, Hawaii, Panama, and the United States. Since they grow their cannabis genetics in a laboratory with tissue culture, they can fulfill orders for identical THC product’s weekly, monthly, yearly, and for decades with the same genetic characteristics. Because the genetics are also landrace strains, the tissue culture process also serves as protection for their genetic collection. They are currently growing tissue culture in Colombia of 25 strains as part of their global launch. One World Legends has more than a dozen Letters of Intent agreements from Colombian cannabis farms to distribute their THC flower and products worldwide. The Letters of Intent (LOI) are representative of OWL’s commitment to arrange large volume cannabis export, and for the Licensed farms to inform the government of the intended quota in order to legally grow and export from Colombia.