GABRI was one of 69 applicants to apply for GA’s Medical Cannabis licenses. The GABRI team was able to meet & exceed almost every scoring category outlined by Georgia Medical Cannabis Commission (GMCC). Although GABRI was not initially selected for one of the 6 licenses, GABRI will work tirelessly to earn a Cultivation/Dispensing license from the state. GABRI believes that Georgians should be taking care of GA’s patients, not companies from out of state who were intimately involved with felons in FL during their application/license process.

TIFTON, Ga., September 27, 2022  — GA BIOSCIENCE RESEARCH INC (GABRI) has been granted an Emergency Motion for Stay pursuant to O.C.G.A 50-13-19(d)(1). The Georgia Medical Cannabis Commission (GMCC) awarded two Class 1 licenses on Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2022. Since then, numerous courts around the state have Stayed both Class 1 & Class 2 licenses from being awarded which now stops those companies from going any further towards their production of medical cannabis.

About GA Bioscience Research Inc.

GABRI’s Story of Diversity: Minorities, Agricultural Businesses, and Military Veterans Joining together to Create a Patient-Centric Team Prioritizing the Advancement of Cutting-Edge Medical Research and Education. GABRI believes that diversity brings unity, wisdom and strength to a company and the surrounding community. While many applicants may promise diversity in hiring once they receive a license, GABRI’s long-standing leadership team is constructed of a diverse group of individuals, demonstrating its dedication to nurturing a diverse community from the top-down. One of the most diverse companies in the state of Georgia, GABRI’s management team includes people from various racial and ethnic backgrounds, women, and Veterans, including a service connected disabled Combat Veteran. These demographics will be displayed in greater detail on our website and in our application for a class 1 or class 2 cultivation and dispensing license.

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