When her family moved from Iceland to the United States Lisa Comer assimilated into a new country, lifestyle and, unfortunately, multiple health problems.

Over the years she was misdiagnosed and treated with multiple pharmaceuticals for a variety of issues without positive health results. She felt accused and admonished for contributing to her medical issues and soon was ashamed of what she perceived to be her inability to overcome the symptoms.

Eventually she married and had two babies. During her pregnancies and breastfeeding years, her symptoms subsided, and her medication dosages and the side effects they caused were lessened. But after that she got sick again. At her worst she was suffering seizures and weighed only 88 lbs. on a 5’5’’ frame and she was losing hope. The natural hormonal changes during her pre and post-partum child rearing experiences suggested that she may not suffer epilepsy and that her medications may be contributing to her symptoms. She changed physicians, tried medical marijuana and fought her way back to good health. She has spent the last several years advocating for others through use of medicinal marijuana.

She routinely shares her background with those who fear or are pre-disposed to reject the value of cannabis but are frustrated from lack of recovery despite multiple drug regimens.

“’I grew up in a conservative family and believed that marijuana was a gateway drug and I had no use for or knowledge of potentially curative capabilities.’’

Furthermore, she believed in traditional medical practices but as a young female grew dependent on medical advice and pharmaceuticals which were inappropriate for her condition.

“I was afraid to go off medications which were actually making my symptoms worse.”

However, she met James Coy, M.D., a traditionally trained doctor of medicine who complements his background with a wholistic approach to restorative health services as owner and Medical Director of Sun Life Health Restoration. As a patient under his care her symptoms soon dissipated. Over time, as she improved she encouraged her husband and children to become patients. After experiencing a health restoration as a patient, she is now a passionate advocate of investigating the root causes of health issues and devising a plan, with the patient, to help them regain control over their medical care with alternative options.

Within the wholistic Medical Spa, Comer conducts a vital step in intake … a relaxed conversation to identify symptoms. “I always share my story because it helps people relate. Most of our patients come in a state of frustration that traditional medical therapies have not helped them. We insist on a plan for every patient and encourage their active participation in designing it. We don’t just look at the symptoms because we want to identify the root causes triggering the symptoms. The more patients and their health care provider know and understand that, the better we are able to help,” she explained.

According to Comer, many patients come because of over use of opioids for pain, and frequently cannabis can help relieve pain and decrease use of pharmaceuticals without creating another addiction or withdrawal symptoms. However, by understanding root causes, they often find that quality of life, reduction of anxieties, increase in sleep or lessening of other symptoms are often unexpected outcomes.

The Sun Life web site rejects “Band-Aid solutions” and instead promotes helping patients tackle the root cause of their health problems to prevent them from recurring. The clinic offers care for healthy people who want to be the best they can be or those who are ready to get off multiple medications.

A proponent of educating the public, Lisa shares her own experiences in an effort to instill a cultural change in her audiences, be they consumers, patients or other health professionals. Finding out what triggers symptoms (even if it is side effects of medications or non-essential invasive medical procedures) drives their motivation to ask questions, investigate alternative possibilities and be confident in their choice.

Comer said, “We invite families to support the plan and we support whatever a patient believes in that will help him succeed. Sometimes it is a personal support system or a belief in a supernatural being. I find that 20% of patient success is related to a positive mindset- a belief that they will be able to regain their health, and we are available 24/7 if they need our reinforcement. In fact, the more patients are involved the better they can control their own lives.”

In addition to working with Dr. Coy’s use of medical marijuana for chronic pain and other medical maladies, and supporting clinic patients, Comer has found the benefits of hemp and cannabis for other health and body regenerative purposes, such as weight loss, immune system boosts and anti-aging therapies.

CEO of Sun Life Health Restoration, Comer manages the Health Spa, where soaps, facial masks, oils and other therapies designed to restore and regenerate health can supplement the medical use of cannabis.

She sums up her philosophy, “This is not just a job or a career for me, it is a way of life. There have been miraculous advances in traditional medicine and Sun Life Health supports that premise, BUT, we are committed to further explore and accept the scientific evidence of the medicinal value of cannabis and help patients restore their health.”

The Sun Life wholistic medical clinic and spa services also include IV therapies, massage, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, cell and hair analysis, detox treatments and other natural therapies. They are located in Fruitland Park.

For additional information, email Sunlife.lcomer@gmail.com or call (352) 431-3040.